Instant karma: a clerk fired because of crying baby

The woman refused to fly in the plane next to the baby.

Do not spit in the well, they say. 53-year-old American Susan Peyres herself learned the insidious laws of karma. The official made a scandal in the plane, threatened with dismissals, and in the end she lost her prestigious position.

It happened aboard the flight New York - Syracuse. Susan Payres, a state employee from the State of the Arts Council of New York, got on the plane last. And then she saw a baby crying in the next row. The 8-month-old Mason traveled with his mother Marissa Rundell. A few minutes before takeoff, the boy burst into tears.

Photo: Facebook / Marissa Rundell
Photo: Facebook / Marissa Rundell
Photo: Facebook / Marissa Rundell
Photo: Facebook / Marissa Rundell
Photo: Facebook / Marissa Rundell

Susan did not tolerate such a passenger next door.

“She came up to us and said with a choice mate:“ What kind of nonsense! This asshole should sit at the end of the plane! ”- says Marissa.

The young mother asked not to speak with her little son.

“Shut your mouth and shut up your child,” the official called back.

Marissa assured that her baby will soon calm down. And indeed, when the plane takes off into the sky, small children, as a rule, immediately fall asleep. But Susan did not want to wait. The cause of its inconvenience had to be eliminated immediately.

Photo: Youtube

What happened next, Marissa was filming already on the camera phone. The stewardess tried to intervene in the conflict.

“I work for the government. So let them change to another place. I am not going to sit with the crying child, ”the official demanded from the stewardess, but when she was refused, she stated that she would fire her the next day.

“What is your name?” The enraged passenger demanded, holding the pen with the pad ready.

“Tabitha,” the stewardess replied.

“Thank you, Tabitha. Tomorrow you will probably be out of work. ”

I had to call for help to get Susan out of the plane.

But on this adventure officials have not ended. The video with the scandal of the mother of the baby posted on the Internet, and soon it collected more than 2 million views. Susan learned about her behavior and her superiors. The woman was immediately removed from work and began to check the incident.And her picture disappeared from the government site.

Photo: Facebook / Susan Peirez

In the comments to the video, the opinions of people are divided.

- I do not condone the behavior of a civil servant, but if you put the child somewhere near me on a plane or in any other confined space, I’ll fall down! - writes Brian Welch. - Sit on another plane. In general, I can get along with children the first time, but to be locked up with one of them? No thanks.

- Put on the headphones and cover your mouth, lady! - outraged Jordan Coopmans.

- The baby is crying? How dare he! - Ellie Skuster cringe. - The baby can not say what is wrong with him. The only way is to cry. Believe me, a crying child will not ruin your life. You do it yourself.

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