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Friends with children are planning to visit us. I want to cook something not very complicated, but new. So that the adults were tasty, and children. Share interesting recipes.


And what is the reason? Just guests or some date? Can you set a buffet table? Then you don’t need to cook too much - baskets with pâté, canapes are different, cutting good cheeses. You can order for adults sushi, and children pizza. And from interesting things - a watermelon bark or homemade lemonade. In the summer, there’s not much to eat.

I always have recipes for simple pies that are salty, that sweet. And for children I make frozen banana in chocolate and with nuts and candies, bird milk. I also tried baklava, but it isn’t very good. But there is always something for tea on the table for the arrival of guests. And from hot dishes - better fish. Just bake with herbs or steak fry. I often cook pita bread, inside the curd with greens and cheese and fry a little. It leaves very quickly. But as you like it.

If there is alcohol, then you will need something anyway to cook.Maybe not such heavy salads, like Olivier, but not to sit hungry. From vegetables, good snacks can be made or grilled. Italian bruschetta will also be an appropriate snack. View recipes with photos on the site Perhaps for yourself something interesting pick up.

Salad of dates and tangerines. Recipe for 2 servings. Cooked a couple of times for the holidays, the children gobble for both cheeks. Adults also do not refuse :)

Ingredients: 3 tangerines, 10 dates without seeds, 1 apple, 200 ml of grapefruit juice, 50 ml of water, a piece of ginger root 2 cm long, a small bunch of mint.

1. Peel tangerines and peels, cut flesh into large cubes. Cut dates into circles. Apple peel, cut into quarters, remove the core. Slice the apple into thin slices. Ginger peel and chop. Wash mint, dry.

2. Boil water in a small frying pan, add ginger and boil for 5 minutes. Pour grapefruit juice.

3. Add mint. Reduce heat and cook for 10 minutes. Strain.

4. Mix tangerines, dates and an apple in a salad bowl.

I can not attach a photo, look here

a guest28.08.18 22:44

Itself recently faced a similar question. Long puzzled to cook it so delicious. I came to the conclusion that salads will be the fastest. I searched the whole Internet in search of something simple and at the same time, I wanted it with a twist. I found good recipes for avocado salads.

You can choose different variations of mixing ingredients. Avocado is an amateur fruit, but salads are simple to prepare and easily digested. The guests were satisfied, and this is the most important thing))

a guest31.08.18 22:29

I am for salads plus pastries, quickly and inexpensively. Pizza is easy to make on the Redmont multi-baker or pies. Salads and fillings to your taste.

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