Interior doors that take up little space

Designers, decorators, as well as apartment owners can not come to a common opinion about the installation of interior doors, especially in small apartments. Of course, there is no doubt the door leading to the bathroom. And with the doors to the kitchen and the living room? In this situation, sliding doors will come to the rescue. In contrast to the usual swing doors, sliding, otherwise they are called retractable, the designs practically do not require space, and, in turn, give their owners comfort and style.

Coupe doors

Perhaps the most popular are compartment doors. Its advantage is that the master makes such sliding doors to order, that is, according to an individual sketch, which means you can select the desired one as precisely as possible.

Recently, models of sliding doors without frames with glass cloth have been very popular. Their advantage is in the visual increase of the doorway. Such a door will surely become an elegant addition to the interior, and your house with it will become “not like everyone else”, but will acquire its own face.

"Books" and "harmonicas"

Interior doors-book will also be a good option, especially for the kitchen. As the name implies, when opened, this design turns into a folded book. It significantly saves corridor space.

The door with an accordion is close to this door design - it folds up like a musical instrument. Unlike the book, the harmonica is simpler and the earliest of the models of sliding doors that came to Russia. At present, the market is so rich that you can order a door leaf of the quality, color, shape that you can wish for.

With all the advantages of sliding doors, the main of which is efficiency, they have their drawbacks. There are two of them: poor sound insulation due to the loose fit of the fabric and the ability to pass odors. In addition, the cheapest sliding doors can open with additional noise, which is naturally undesirable. When choosing a sliding door it is worth considering the layout of the apartment. If, for example, a kitchen with such a door is next to the bedroom, then the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is provided in the morning.

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