Is it difficult to carry a child to smoking women?

In the first trimester, women who smoke have a high risk of miscarriage, more often, missed abortion. This is connected not only with the effect of nicotine on the entire body, but also with its toxic effect on the fetus from the moment of conception. In most women who smoke, the period of early preeclampsia is more severe. More often, repeated vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms occur. A woman, like a child, is undergoing oxygen starvation, since carbon monoxide, which is contained in tobacco smoke, has a strong bond with hemoglobin, the latter loses its ability to carry oxygen. Dyspnea, fatigue, headache, and sometimes nausea and vomiting appear due not so much to early preeclampsia as to a lack of oxygen.
In the second half of pregnancy, smoking a woman leads to a deterioration in the baby’s nutrition and chronic hypoxia. Often the lack of water, placental pathology, until the end of pregnancy remains a high risk of premature birth. The condition of the woman also suffers.Due to the lack of oxygen and the action of nicotine, heart problems arise, the rhythm is lost, the pressure rises more often. High blood pressure can trigger eclampsia. The risk of premature placental abruption is 65% higher than in women who do not smoke. This complication almost always ends with emergency delivery.
The longer the period of pregnancy, the worse a woman feels. If before she had enough oxygen, and hypoxia was not felt so acutely, then the growing fetus requires more resources, as a result, the organism of the smoking mother suffers. Dizziness, poor sleep, general tiredness, nausea and vomiting in late pregnancy are found in almost all smokers. Doctors recommend quitting smoking, regardless of the duration of pregnancy. The condition of the woman improves within a week, many complications that have already arisen do not develop further, the child gets the opportunity to gain the necessary weight. If complications have already arisen for a child, they will be less pronounced and high chances of a healthy child will be born.
Actively dividing cells are most susceptible to toxic substances, including nicotine, and therefore smoking a mother during pregnancy is even more dangerous than smoking during a breastfeeding period.In the first trimester, when organs and systems are being laid down, active and passive smoking can lead to serious pathologies and congenital deformities. Even if the child was born without visible complications, he has an increased risk of sudden infant mortality during the first year of life. Already at school age, academic performance may suffer, children of smoking mothers are less plodding, their immunity is almost always reduced.

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