Is it necessary for tomatoes to tear off the lower leaves

Cutting leaves from tomatoes is necessary, especially if the crop is grown in a greenhouse, because due to it the risk of fungal diseases in these plants is significantly reduced. Below is a little about the advantages of the procedure:

  • At the bottom of the tomatoes are the largest leaves, they need a large amount of nutrients, so if you do not pick them off, they will take a large amount of minerals;
  • the lower leaves, due to their large size, evaporate a lot of moisture, their removal helps to retain moisture in plants;
  • The lower leaves are often located very close to the ground, most of them touch the ground. And if they are not cut off, then over time they begin to rot, this can lead to the death of a whole bush;
  • It is worth noting that tomatoes do not tolerate high humidity of the air very well, removing the same leaves helps to reduce humidity due to freer movement of air masses between bushes;
  • the crop ripens much faster, which allows to collect more vegetables in a season.

Having told about the benefits of cutting leaves of tomatoes, it would be more correct to tell about the disadvantages of the procedure, and there are only two of them:

  • with improper removal of leaves, there is a risk of damaging the plants, because of which they can start to hurt or even die;
  • Tomatoes with torn leaves do not look very nice.

As can be seen from the above, breaking the leaves does more good than harm, and it is up to you to carry out the procedure on your own or not.

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