Can I give gifts?

It often happens that what you were given is absolutely not consistent with your ideas about the beautiful and the useful. In this case, you may want to transfer the unnecessary thing to another person. However, how ethical will it be, and what do they say about such acts of superstition?

Why you should not peredarivat things?

Ethical side of the issue

Having received a gift, you should understand that a person sincerely spent time on you, thought about what to give you, carefully selected a thing, presented it to you with joy and excitement with the best wishes, honestly hoping that you would like it. You, before the gift, neglect all its efforts and good intentions.

In addition, passing a gift to another, you risk being caught in such an unattractive act, especially if we are talking about some unusual, rare thing that is not very easy to get. A bright little thing presented to a common friend will certainly be noticed by the original donor.And believe me, in this case, the person will be very unpleasant.

Moreover, after some time you can easily be asked to don the gift, show, tell about the intricacies of its use in more detail and so on. Exactly, such a situation will also be very sensitive.

Finally, if you give things away very often, there is always the risk of giving the gift to the same person who previously bought it for you. And this will be a real embarrassment.

As you can see, from the point of view of the donor, giving up his own gift looks very offensive. Just put yourself in his place and then decide on the further fate of the thing.

What do superstitions say?

As you know, any thing carries the energy charge of its owner. By purchasing something as a gift, you charge the object with your energy. Handing over the purchase to the addressee, you invest your positive, sincerity, good wishes and other bright feelings into it. Being presented with good even the most unnecessary, it would seem, a thing can bring joy and happiness to the house.

Therefore, the proverbial wisdom tends to negatively answer the question of whether it is possible to give gift gifts.Indeed, in this case, you not only reject the good message that the donor shared with you, but also automatically change the energy charge of a thing to a negative one with your attitude towards it. As a result, such a gift would entail some unpleasant consequences, failures, deprivation, and for both you and the person to whom you give it to him.

When is it permissible to peredelit?

  • Given all the same energy message, enclosed in things, it is probably worth it to re-deliver it when you are not sure of the kindness towards you of the donor. Roughly speaking, when you have a reason to think that the thing was presented to you with a negative. True, here again the question arises: will not a similar gift bring to another person?
  • If the donor himself offers you to do this. The situation, for example, might look like this: your mother bought you a sweater that turned out to be out of size. Then she offers to give it to your cousin, whom he will probably fit. And you in return to buy another. It is the right decision, which is equally beneficial and pleasant for all parties.
  • When you have a really difficult situation with money, but the birthday of a close friend, relative, and colleague is near, and you definitely need to give him some kind of gift.Then you just have no choice but to donate your own gift.

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