Italian cold art

A company from Italy called Extrema Ratio whose products can also be found on the list of popular manufacturers of cold weapons. Its knives in appearance are belligerent, and at the same time quite elegant design, excellent quality and reliability. Founded in 1997, this company first specialized in the production of sport knives, but starting its cooperation with the Italian armed forces in 2002, expanded its horizons.

Now all the knives of this Italian company, by the way, designed for use in any extreme and difficult climatic conditions, are ideal for hunting. Particular attention is paid to ease of wearing and corrosion resistance.

The Extrema Ratio Italian knives are, above all, a modern military style, and practicality combined with functionality.

Despite the fact that they are widely used mainly in power structures, there are models that are available to both collectors and simple hunters.

Perhaps the most popular of them is a small knife called "Shrapnel."Related to the so-called auxiliary knives, it is not inferior in strength to its more massive counterparts. And due to its low weight and size - a universal option.

No wonder about the knives of this Italian company there is a joke: you can open submarines and pierce body armor with these knives and just cut them.

As for Shrapnel, this model began to be widely released relatively recently: since 2004, in versions: with a guard, which included upper and lower stops, preventing the hand from sliding off the blade, and just a lower stop.

The color of the blade is usually: black coating or camouflage. Today, the standard knife “Shrapnel” is a black blade, only one lower stop. This modification is very comfortable in the hand, due to the ability to place a finger on top of the blade, thereby preventing the finger from sliding. Blade length - 110 mm, total length - 210 mm, weight - 200 grams.

The shape of the blade - leaf-shaped, dagger type with a symmetric shape. Butt - 6, 3 mm thick at the handle, and to the tip becomes thinner. About two-thirds of the butt is a false blade that is not sharpened.

The blade itself is reduced to 0.8 mm, which is ideal for a hunting knife.Since this is a kind of a good combination: the ability to cut well and at the same time, the strength of the cutting edge.

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