Japanese architect showed how to equip a small housing

The Japanese are famous for their ability to efficiently and efficiently use useful resources, including space. This skill, along with high professionalism, allowed the architects of the Japanese studio Mizuishi Architect Atelier to design a non-standard triangular house in one of the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. The project was implemented in 2011.

Exterior architecture and composition

A narrow triangular house was built on a triangular plot of land, sandwiched between a road and a river in a stone canal. The plot area is 54 m², and the building area is only 29 m². The house is a two-story building with a loft, in which a married couple with a small daughter lives.

Interior of a triangular house

When planning the premises, an effective and logical use of each corner and meter of useful area was provided. Despite the limited area, the room looks very spacious, filled with light and air.The interior is made in the style of minimalism - the absence of bulky pieces of furniture, a minimum of things and decor, practical solutions in the storage of things.

The parent bedroom and bathroom are located on the first floor of the triangular house. This part of the building is the most closed, with small windows. On the second floor there is a light staircase with thin “airy” steps made of light wood.

The second floor of the triangular house is a common area where the living room, dining room with built-in kitchen, as well as a children's room with access to the attic are located.

The kitchen area located in the western part of the building seems to be the largest room because of the high ceiling. In the center of the second floor there is a common living room with large windows, and behind it a children’s room. Above them is a loft designed for children's games. You can get there from the nursery on the ladder.

The small windows of the first floor, the spacious windows of the second, as well as the windows in the “corners” of the triangular house and under the roof let in a sufficient amount of sunlight. From the outside, the largest windows are protected by aluminum shutters. White walls and ceiling, light wood trim visually expand the room rather small area.

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