Julia Roberts shamed for a terrible manicure

The actress summed up the color of lacquer.

50-year-old "beauty" recently visited the Toronto Film Festival. To look at new products in her industry, she chose an impeccable dress - there is nothing to complain about: the length in the floor, the cutouts just on the side, sits on the figure, the color is classic black. In general, boredom, and only. It is possible that there was something to do about it, the star deliberately made a puncture with a manicure - after all, she once went out onto the red carpet with unshaven armpits, so she created some talk around this bold act!

Julia Roberts at the very evening in Toronto
Photo: Legion-media.ru

This time she was surprised by the fact that she chose a dark blue that goes into blackness as a cover. And although her nails have a neat shape, the fans agreed that this color is gloomy and not at all feminine, which means that the bobble was out. In addition, the actress did not complete the image with any decorations, which means that all the emphasis shifted just to the nails.Yes, and with an elegant dress, as the same fans later found out, not everything was alright: Joan Crawford, an American actress of silent and sound films, who competed with Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo in 1930s, put on a similar look. Only she had it with a cut at the bottom, that is, more deaf, and therefore it looks more expensive and stylish than the one in which Julia Roberts walked.

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