Kandelaki went on a Dukan diet

The TV presenter, known for her love of fitness, first decided to try a protein diet.
Tina Kandelaki: diet, photo
Kandelaki has not tried the famous Dukan diet.
Photo: social networks

Tina Kandelaki in our show business has long been considered the legislator of a healthy lifestyle. Every day, the TV presenter plays sports and monitors her diet. But, it turns out, the Dyukan Tina diet, popular among the stars, has not yet been tried ...

“In short, a friend persuaded to sit on Dukan. All my life on diets, do not eat after 18.00, do not eat meat, etc., but have not tried this diet yet. Went the third day. You can live. Old Dukan is quite viable for herself, ”she shared her first emotions about the Dukan Tina diet.

Recall, the essence of the diet of the French doctor Pierre Ducane is to eat only protein foods: white poultry meat, fish, offal, eggs, dairy products. With this diet, you can lose up to 20 kilograms, but sometimes damage your health. Fans Kandelaki hurried to warn her about it.

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