Kanzashi Hairpin

We always want to come up with something extraordinary for any child’s holiday. So that the outfit and all sorts of accessories were very beautifully combined. Especially each mother carefully selects decorations for her princess. To come up with something exclusive and this master class will help us.
do-it-yourself kanzashi hairpin
As a result, we get just such a beautiful brooch, as in the photo. What materials will we need for this: • A wide blue satin ribbon, 4-5 cm wide, approximately 0.5 meters will be needed; • Pink and white satin ribbons and 2.5 cm ribbon width, and about 25 cm each; • Acrylic cabochon of blue color; • Blank clip bar clip; • Scissors; • Glue gun; • Lighter; • Ruler; • Pencil; • Thread with a needle in white; • Tweezers.
 materials for hairpins
So, let's start. We take satin ribbons, ruler, pencil and scissors.Let's measure squares-bases for petals. From the blue tape measure squares measuring 5 * 5 cm, and from pink and white squares measuring 2.5 * 2.5 cm. Cut about 10 to 15 squares of each color. It all depends on how many petals you want in your flower.
 satin ribbons
 cut into small squares
Now we take the lighter and we burn all squares with it. Basics for petals are ready.
 fuse the edges
Take the blue square and fold it diagonally.
 fuse the edges of all
take blue cradruck
Now fold again diagonally and so also for the third time.
 fold in half
we fold diagonally
We take tweezers, insert a petal into it and cut it with sharp scissors from below and from the side. Lighter hold on the cut edges.
add on the diagonal
 we cut off
We straighten the petal. Now take the pink square, also fold it diagonally.
cut and melt
 Spreading the petal Then again we fold again. It turns out not three, but two times. And also add two times and a white square.
take the pink square
 we fold a square diagonally
We apply the white square 2-3 mm below than a pink petal and put them together again. The petal is thick, so it is better to immediately take it in tweezers. We cut the bottom and one edge with scissors.
 two times and a white square
White square is applied
Cut off the edges with a cigarette lighter. Expand and level the petal.Thus, we get a white-pink double petal, but it is half the size of a blue petal.
 Cutting with scissors
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/3/1154-srezannye-kraya.jpg" alt="Cut Edges" title="Cut Edges">
Do in such a sequence the required number of those and other petals. Now we glue white-pink petals with a glue gun, we get a flower petal like in the photo.
 we burn with a lighter
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/3/1156-delaem-v-takoy-posledovatelnosti.jpg" alt="Doing in the following sequence" title="Doing in the following sequence">
I get a flower of ten such petals, so we do ten respectively. Then we sew them with a needle with each other, forming a flower. Now we cut a small square out of the blue ribbon, then round it and process it with a lighter. This circle will be the bottom of the flower. We turn the flower over and glue the substrate with a pistol.
 ten such petals
 forming a flower
The bottom of a flower is ready,Turn it around and glue the blue cabochon on the center.
 glue the blue cabochon in the center
We just stick it flower on the hairpin-clip and ready. This is how we independently made an accessory that will perfectly complement any dress of a little princess. Thank you all and good luck in the process!
 kanzashi hairpin is ready
 Apply a hairpin
kanzashi barrette

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