Keychain and a bag with a feather embroidery

Keychain and a bag with a feather embroidery- a pair of embroidered Indian feathers with some native beads is a great idea for an original gift.

Materials and tools:

  1. Threads according to the key
  2. beads;
  3. coarse linen fabric for the pouch;
  4. leather or felt for keychain;
  5. beads.


Step 1

Making a linen bag

Cut the finished embroidery to a size of 17x25 cm. Dissolve the top edge. Cut a second piece of flax of the same size and also dissolve its top edge.

Fold the parts face to face, stitch the sides and bottom of the bag. Turn on the front side. Tie a knot at one end of the suede cord and string it on the bead cord. Then tie a knot at the other end of the cord. Fill the bag with something and tie it with a string with beads.

Step 2

Keychain Making

Embroider feathers on white felt using instant canvas. Strengthen the embroidery on the back with a second piece of white felt, use fabric glue to glue the two layers together.

When the glue dries, trim each design, retreating from the edge of the embroidery 5 mm. Take a sharp needle and make a hole at the top of each pen. Using pliers, insert the spacer rings into the holes.

Attach the feathers to the metal keychain.

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