Kitchen renovation in Khrushchev - create coziness with minimum space

The last Khrushchev were built in the 1980s, and before that, their construction was conducted for 30 years. Houses of 5-6 floors, without garbage chutes and elevators, today there are throughout the country. Accommodation was cheap, and therefore compact. And today we can fully "enjoy" the consequences of this economy, deciding how to properly repair the kitchen in Khrushchev. After all, the distinctive feature of these premises is an extremely small area, which is at best 7 square meters. Fortunately, designers offer ready-madeideason how to make a full-fledged kitchen in such an area, how to combine a dining and work area, how to make them functional and comfortable.

typical Khrushchev house

What problems traditionally arise when repairing the kitchen in the Khrushchev

The main difficulties arise in matters of space planning and selection of finishing materials. But there are still a number of nuances that increase repair costs:

  • The floor level in the kitchen is different from the floor level in the rest of the apartment;
  • The walls are made of reinforced concrete (external) or gypsum concrete (internal), and neither one nor the other is evenly distinguished;
  • Communications - gas and water pipes - are located in the most conspicuous place, and even 60 mm from the wall. So it is imperative to select suitable ideas for decoration.

What can not be done without specialists

Suchoptionsrepairs, when the kitchen space is supposed to expand, cannot be done bydo-it-yourselfwithout proper permission. It should be noted that the increase in the internal space of the kitchen will entail a reduction in the area of ​​the corridor or adjacent room, and they in Khrushchev also can not boast of dimensions.

Important! All internal partitions in such apartments can be moved and demolished, since the external walls and the column / transom system are made with carriers. However, the changes must be approved in the manner prescribed by law.

Also, if you do not want to implement ideas for decorating communication tubes, you can contact the appropriate organizations for their transfer. This applies particularly to the gas service, becausedo-it-yourselfit is prohibited to carry such a pipe. But the water supply should be replaced with plastic, and lower it as close to the floor as possible.

Materials Suitable for Repair

Performingrepairing the kitchen in the Khrushchev do-it-yourself, you can use the followingoptionsof finishing materials:

  • Ceramic tile;
  • Paint (water-based);
  • Wallpapers.

Important! Bulky and too embossed surfaces and decorations (for example, imitation of plaster bas-reliefs) are banned, because they constrict the already tiny room.

As for the furniture, it should be as easy as possible - both visually and physically. In addition, various folding and folding designs are welcome. And as a place to store the walls are chosen. The basis is the Scandinavian style, in which such a concept is perfected to perfection.

The nuances of design selection

You can choose almost any of the existing interior styles, selecting both the color and the texture of the material to your liking. However, for a kitchen, especially since it is so limited in area, it is not the textures that matter, but the technical characteristics of the materials — moisture resistance and reliability, abrasion resistance and durability. Moreover, now even simple to install coatings (for example, laminate) are presented in various stylish variations.

How to carry out repairs - step by step

So, to do the repair yourself, you need to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. The room is completely vacated, old coverings, engineering systems, windows and a door are dismantled. Window is being replaced.
  2. Further, repairs can be continued with your own hands - it all depends on whatideasyou will use.
  3. Surfaces — floor, ceiling, and walls — are repaired and aligned. Important! If you are planning to install a stretch ceiling, it will be possible only after the walls are finished. As for the floor, its leveling will most quickly occur with the use of a polymer composition.
  4. According to a preliminary draft, the installation sites for the slab, sink, lighting elements are outlined.
  5. Finishing works are underway - the floor, walls and ceiling. For a floor the laminate or linoleum will approach, for walls - moisture-resistant wallpapers, a tile, plastic panels, and for a ceiling - a paint or one of types of pendant designs. Important! All materials used in this area should be moisture-proof and easy to maintain, because you will have to clean the space quite often.
  6. Formed interior in the selected style. It is better to use small storage systems with sliding doors, and place compact kitchen units along one wall. You can use the built-in technology and a folding table, as well as other modern solutions that allow you to save space in a small kitchen free.

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