Landscape floodlights: basic types and rules of application

High-quality landscape lighting will create a spectacular design of the site and give a harmonious atmosphere of comfort at night. allow you to embody a variety of ideas with a hint of romance, or aristocratic elegance, giving perfection to design solutions. Properly selected types of light sources will act as an organic addition, or a stylish accent of the local area.

Species diversity

Depending on the purpose, the landscape lights can be divided into decorative and functional products. The first option provides for the aesthetic design of the elements, the creation of unique compositions. Functional lights should have a high level of practicality, illuminating certain areas for comfortable movement within the site. The nature of this type of lighting is marking and general, you can find out more here.

Form and appearance, purpose combines products into several groups:

- recessed lights;

- fixtures-columns (bollards);

- high lights;

- spotlight;

- lamps for ponds.

The art of using lamps in the landscape

The study of technical characteristics when choosing a landscape lamp will require special attention to the color temperature of products. Take into account the shade of light rays. The larger the temperature regime, the colder the color of the rays. Reliability and durability of the devices will provide long-term and comfortable operation, resistance to moisture. The parameter has a special designation and is indicated on all certified and high-quality luminaires.

Proper use of landscape lighting will create a beautiful and organic light composition. Classical landscapes favorably look with a symmetrical arrangement of devices. Halogen, or fluorescent lamps with cold light will help bring in the design of the local area. The effect of soft and calm lighting will give incandescent lamps, creating a fabulous atmosphere of comfort.

Proper lighting will require visually distribute the area to be decorated. Select a particular flower bed, or trees will help searchlight fixtures. It is recommended to use various techniques when installing appliances around or behind the element. Landscape lamps inside the beds and bushes look very unusual and original. It's enough just to emphasize the most winning details, keeping the game of contrasts and shadows.

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