Laundry basket weaving

Indispensable in the household laundry basket - a symbol of order in the house. Any self-respecting hostess appreciates these items and, of course, wants to have at her disposal. Today we will try to do it yourself.
 made a laundry basket
For this we need: - cardboard (any, can be corrugated) ; - wallpaper or paper for pasting the bottom of the basket; - tubes of paper (in our case from a receipt tape, white and painted with “walnut” stain); - PVA glue; - colorless quick-drying lacquer (better acrylic glossy); - fabric for textile liner.
 we need
We start by cutting out the bottom of the future basket, we have a cardboard blank with dimensions 23 x 35 cm. Cut out 2 pieces from cardboard and 2 - from finishing paper or wallpaper. We paste the wallpaper onto the cardboard photo, and on one of them we start to stick the tubes.
 paste overcardboard
 glue the tubes
Glue them at intervals of 1.5 - 2 cm, then glue the sheets of cardboard between each photo, be sure to put there is a load on them so that the tubes are well fixed between the cardboard sheets.
 base of laundry basket
>img src="" alt="put We put a load on them "title =" We put a load on them ">
As soon as our future dries out the bottom, we start to form the walls of the basket. we start each tube under the next one and bend it up.
 starting to form walls
 begin to form the wall
Raising all the small stands, set the load on the bottom (preferably a box imitating the shape of the basket). It is convenient to control the small stands, it is necessary that they stand straight and do not go to the side.
 secure them with clothespins
You can secure them with clothespins on top of the box with a load .It is better to install all this construction on a rotating “health disk” (it was still produced in Soviet times), it gives you the opportunity to work freely with each side of the basket. We use 2 colors: gray and white, and the type of weaving - rope. The first 4 rows are single color. Next, we weave rope-pigtail with gray and white tubing.
 we begin to weave
We have a two-color weave 16 cm high, then again weave a one-color string to a height that suits.
two-color weaving
 two-color weaving
 two-color weaving
On each side of the basket we make handles, raising the wicker rows on the small stands to the desired height.
 make handles
make pens

We finish the weaving, cutting the small stands along the height of the basket.
trimming small stands by height
Now our billet should be well smeared with glue, diluted in half with water, to wait until it dries, but it does not harden completely . In this state, you can fix minor flaws and align the walls of the basket.
 laundry basket
When our basket is dry, we begin to lacquer it. It is better to use aerosol acrylic varnish, it dries quickly and practically does not smell. To varnish the basket should be in 2-3 layers. Now proceed to decorating the basket. We cut textile liner. The pattern consists of 2 rectangles, the first - by the size of the bottom, the size of the second - the height of the basket and its perimeter. Do not forget to make seam allowances in the second rectangle. We sew the liner, process the seams, decorate to your liking. On the sides, you can slightly reduce the height of the liner. And so, our cart is ready.
 laundry basket with your own hands

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