Guidelines for choosing seed for lawn

Greening the local area - one of the most important stages of landscape design. Appearance, longevity of a lawn depends on a correct choice of herbs. It is necessary to take into account the specific climatic conditions in a particular region, personal preferences, the desired thickness of the coating, etc. Starting from these nuances, one should choose either a suitable grass mix or one kind of grass. It is important not only to ensure uniformity of the lawn, but also to focus on its performance.

To realize the goals, you need to buy seed from reputable manufacturers. For example, lawn grass seeds from the world famous breeders Jacklin Seeds and Barenbrug can be ordered on the site.

Features of the selection of seed

Before you start selecting the right grass or grass mixtures, you need to decide on the type of lawn that needs to be realized. They are divided into:

  • universal;
  • shadow;
  • sports;
  • royal;
  • parterre.

It is advisable to contact the experts who will help you choose the best seed option.

Agronomist experts recommend focusing on the following important factors:

  • type of soil. It is necessary to study the soil in more detail, to check the acidity and level of salinity, and also to determine which component prevails in it (black soil, clay, sand);
  • location. If some herbs without problems withstand the scorching sun, others will not withstand its influence throughout the day;
  • destination. Lawns are used as a sports cover, lawn for relaxation, playground for children, etc. Accordingly, for their landscaping, various seeds are needed;
  • purpose of use. Herbs for lawns are divided into 2 types: slow-growing and fast-growing. Caring for them is significantly different, as is the result. Therefore, it is important to decide in advance exactly which lawn should decorate the local area and how it will be used.

To create a perfectly smooth and thick coatings there is a limited set of herbs.Breeders brought out their various varieties, as well as selected the best combinations to make the lawn aesthetically attractive, soft and adapted to specific climatic conditions.

Features of grass mixtures and grass types

Most lawns sow perennials with cereals. Although there are more than 10,000 species of them, only 3 of them are suitable for creating a green covering on the local area:

  • meadow bluegrass
  • Red Fescue
  • benthole thin.

With proper care, they can serve more than 10 years. These grasses have short roots, prone to vegetative mobility. Accordingly, over time many affiliated bushes are formed, therefore the grass is constantly updated. These shortroot cereals have the following characteristics:

  • frost resistance;
  • uniformity and density;
  • fast growth;
  • bright color;
  • resistance to loads, etc.

Specialists often use monocultures. But sometimes it is recommended to sow grass mixture. This is due to the characteristics of the soil. For example, since each cereal has its own pros and cons, the composition is selected that will balance the advantages and disadvantages of plants.This approach is especially important when gardening a territory with adverse climatic conditions, that is, when there is a great risk that one type of grass may not adapt to bad soil, shade, etc. Adding special components allows you to speed up the growth of grass cover more dense and uniform.

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