Lb grinder

How to make a belt sander from the Bulgarian

Mounting for the circumference of the grinder will be made of a piece of thick steel, with a thickness of about 10 mm. Drill a hole under the neck of the LBM. Saw a wide slit.
BULGARIA cut off the fastening.
Belt sanding machine from the USM
Then clean and polish everything to have a beautiful and safe appearance. Belt sanding machine from the USM
With holes in the clamping device, drill a hole. Belt sanding machine from the USM
Then in the wide side we cut the thread. Belt sanding machine from USM As a result, this fastening can easily be put on the Bulgarian and clamped to keep everything tight.
Belt sander fromLBM
Trying on.
 Angle grinder from LBM
Now you need to make a roller that will rotate the tape from emery paper. Take Chipboard and with the help of nozzles of large diameters, we cut out rounds, to get a wide roller, round them to glue them together. Then we drill a hole in all of them with a perforated drill. Then we clamp in a vice and make a internal hexagon hole with a triangular file.
 Grinding machine from angle grinders
Like this.
 Grinding machine from LBM
Take a wide nut and make notches on the planes with a file.
Belt grinding machine on from LBM
They are needed to hold the nut in the tree better.
 Grinding machine from LBM
We part two-component glue on epoxy base and glue the nut with notches in the wooden roller.
 Grinding machine from angle grinders
After the glue has dried,we clamp the roller into the lathe.
Belt-grinding machine from USM
We are grinding under an ellipse. This is necessary so that the tape does not fly off. Then sand with sandpaper to smooth.
Belt-grinding machine from the USM
It came to the second video. It is made of three bearings, pressed on the owner.
Grinding machine of angle grinders
Let's make two such ears.
Grinding machine from LBM
Put it on the edges of the protruding shaft.
Belt-grinding machine from USM
We weld the plate. The result was a U-shaped part holding the roller.
Grinding machine from angle grinders
To prevent the shaft from flying out, fix by welding
Belt-grinding machine from the USM
Now make the frame. It will take two steel pipes of different diameters to make one enter the other. A flat lining is welded to a pipe of larger diameter.It is necessary in order to press on the tape during grinding.

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