Lion drawing for kids

Draw a bright lion with a stunning mane! The lion is the bravest, most beautiful and noble beast. His royal manners and courage cause honor and respect.

This favorite of all children is the hero of numerous cartoons and children's books. And let's see what a real lion looks like?

 Lion picture for children

Lion picture for children

See how calm and sure look at him! And what a thick and silky mane! It is this orange mane that we will try to draw with you today in a very original way.

To draw a lion we need:

  • A piece of orange paper
  • Bright orange paint
  • Disposable fork
  • Marker
 Materials for handicrafts

Materials for handicrafts

How to draw a lion with a child?

With a can or any round object, draw a circle on orange paper.

Draw a circle

Draw a circle

Pour some paint into a special container, it will be convenient to dip a brush or… a fork into it.It turns out that if you draw with a disposable soft fork, you can get very interesting patterns that are as good as possible for drawing a shaggy mane of a lion. Now we apply the fork with patterns throughout the circle.

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