List of the 10 most terrible earthquakes in the world

In the entire history of mankind, there are a considerable number of terrible cataclysms that have easily wiped out many human buildings, houses, factories and factories, millions of people were left without shelter, and hundreds of thousands without life.

Unfortunately, we would not like to believe that on this planet the real owners are people, nature makes its own corrections: the earthquakes that have occurred over the past few centuries are the most terrible proof of that. It is noteworthy, but the same forces of the elements that created our planet are capable of destroying it to the ground in an instant.

Another fact confirming this theory: the number of impressive earthquakes increases almost every year. So annually experts fix about 500 thousand (!) Tremors in a year of varying strength, of which about 1000 cause real damage.

Still, the most terrible earthquakes that killed thousands of people and wiped out entire cities, much less, 10 of which we will talk about today.Positions in the ranking can only be considered very conditional, because each of them has left a deep trace of fear, pain and serious damage.

  • Chile, 1960 It was on May 22 of this year that the Chilean city of Valdivia became a terrible dream: the earthquake that occurred that day is still considered the most powerful in the world, which took the lives of 10 thousand people and also completely destroyed the entire city. In addition to Valdivia, other major cities were destroyed, Osorno and Puerto Montt, in addition, a tremendous tsunami rose from tremendous aftershocks, which caused great damage to the Pacific coast (and this is 1000 km from the crash site!). About 2 million people were left homeless, a fifth of the country's entire industry was wiped off the face of the planet.
  • March 27, 1964, the Gulf of Alaska. Today it is called the second most powerful after the Valdivian earthquake, and the first in the history of the United States. The power of its aftershocks and explosions was about 9.2 bylov, eyewitnesses say that from the bowels of the earth there were peals of such strength that the five-story buildings fell like cardboard houses. Directly from the earthquake shocks killed 9 people, the remaining victims are connected with the tsunami that occurred after another 190 people.Such a low percentage of deaths in the framework of such an impressive Alaska disaster is explained by the low population density.
  • Kemin earthquake, 1911. On New Year's Eve, according to the old style, a disaster also occurred in the city of Verny (now Almaty), whose capacity was 9-11 points in different regions. Again, due to the fact that the catastrophe occurred in a mountainous area, where people mostly lived in light yurts, it did not bring huge casualties among the population. About 450 people were killed and about 750 more were injured, as a result of the shocks millions of tons of soil were displaced.
  • Indian Ocean, 2004. Another earthquake, which is called one of the most powerful in the whole history of mankind, occurred under the waters of the ocean on December 26, the magnitude - 9.1-9.3 on the Richter scale. The tremors provoked the appearance of huge tsunami waves, whose height exceeded 15 meters! They collapsed and literally erased the entire coastal infrastructure in Sri Lanka, and also caused serious damage to the coast of Indonesia, reached the south of India, as well as a number of other countries. The number of victims is fabulous - up to 300 thousand people.
  • Tangshan earthquake, 1976.It belongs to the largest natural disasters of the last century, which is considered the most terrible and by the number of the dead: more than 750 thousand people. Impulse power - 8.2 point, about 5.3 million houses destroyed. After such a terrible event, a memorial scene was installed in the center of Tangshan, and an information center was built, the only one of its kind in China dedicated to this topic.
  • Severo-Kurilsk, November 5, 1952. The next in our top 10 earthquake that occurred off the coast of Kamchatka, the magnitude is about 9 points. In just an hour after the tremors, a powerful tsunami reached the city of Severo-Kurilsk, which completely destroyed it and also killed 2340 people. At that time the population of the city was small and totaled about 6000 inhabitants. The height of the waves reached 18 meters, and the damage from their impact was estimated at 1 million dollars.
  • Tibet, August 15, 1950. Another major seismic disaster of the last century, which occurred in the high mountainous part of Tibet. The force of explosions and vibrations was so great that the cars were thrown 800 meters from the scene, and in Calcut, which is a thousand kilometers away from Tibet, local residents began to complain of signs of motion sickness caused by underground vibrations.The total weight of the displaced rocks was about 2 billion tons.
  • The great Chinese earthquake. It is known in history as the largest and most terrible in all respects: 830 thousand people were killed and also left faults in the earth 20 meters thick. Happened in 1556, however, about such a long-term catastrophe remember to this day.
  • East Japan earthquake. The tragedy occurred in the north-east of Japan on March 11, 2011, the power of tremors - 9 points. It is difficult to imagine, but the height of the tsunami waves, which was formed as a result of oscillations, reached 30-40 meters! As a result of such a terrible natural disaster, about 19 thousand people died or went missing, hundreds of thousands of houses were destroyed, and an accident occurred at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the complete elimination of the consequences of which will take about 40 years.
  • Ecuador, 1906. Another major earthquake of the last century, which is estimated at 8.8 points. As in most similar cases, a powerful tsunami was formed, which almost completely destroyed the entire coast of Central America. Due to the small population, the death toll was minimal, if you can say so about human lives - about 1,500 inhabitants.
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