Strawberry Love Strawberry (Berry Bouquet)

Fruit bouquets are gaining popularity. Such a bouquet will not fade by standing for some time in a vase. A bouquet of fruit and eyes will please, and you can easily eat it.

In addition, bouquets of fruit are very beautiful and not banal. Such a bouquet can easily become a bright decoration of the table.

Creating a bouquet of fruit under the hand of those who have a well-developed imagination. And those who do not have a good imagination, can use ready-made ideas.

You can start trying with budget options. It includes the costs solely for berries, everything else can be found at the hostess of the house, and if the hostess is also engaged in needlework, then at home such a hostess has everything necessary and even more.

And most importantly, do not forget about the resourceful girlfriends, who probably have a bit of toga and a bit of it.

Materials and tools:

  1. Strawberries at least 9pcs.
  2. Leaves of roses - more. (Leaves for free - ask in a flower shop.)
  3. Wooden skewers;
  4. Foam board ceiling panel or large tray from under the products (except meat, sausage, etc.)
  5. Glue, scissors, ruler, awl, knife,
  6. Stapler or double-sided tape;
  7. Garden wire; (any other soft wire)
  8. Kraft paper;
  9. Napkins are green;
  10. Ribbons, braid, etc.

Step 1

Rinse strawberries and rose leaves under running water.

Green tails from strawberries do not tear. Strawberries should dry themselves.

Leaves can be wiped with a napkin. Leaves can be asked at the flower shop.

Step 2

Wrap the wire gently on the cutting.

Then fasten a sheet to the sheet using the free end of the wire.

In this case, 9 strawberries are used, 5 of them will be on the leaves, 4 without leaves, because The leaves of the rose are very large and can clog the whole bunch.

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