Magic portal to other cities. Unusual online advertising

Many people remember the amazing device from the movie “Guest from the Future”, which instantly moved travelers to the right place. They tried to install something like this in the center of Paris. Unfortunately, the "Magic Door" creates only the illusion of travel, although it is very realistic.

As part of an advertising campaign aimed at popularizing international travel, screens were placed around the city that looked like real doors. By opening them up, you can “get” to another city, or rather see what is happening in it in real time. The effect is created by cameras installed in different countries broadcasting the image on the other side.

On each “door” is written the name of the city to which you can “go” through it.

Residents of different countries are happy to communicate with each other. Parisians can pose to a street artist from another country, take part in an incendiary dance, or even feel like a participant in a bicycle rally.

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