Magnetic Spice Set

This hack will especially appeal to those who love to cook frequently and in a variety of ways. It maximizes convenience and saves time spent searching for the right seasoned container. Thanks to this simple refinement, you will have all the spices at arm's length, which is very convenient. The idea is this: we will make a metal board above the table, and we will stick magnets to the jars with spices. Then all the jars will be magnetized to the board.
Magnetic Spice Set
And now, to add the right seasoning to the dish, you just have to stretch out your hand and take what you need. Open, add, close and hang in place.

It will be needed for a magnetic board

  • Steel sheet painted with silver paint, for example.
  • Glass jar for spices, small (from the baby food you can get a whole bunch).
  • The glue, ideally on an epoxy basis, as it is very reliable. But I took the usual, able to glue the metal and glass.
  • Fasteners for mounting metal sheet in an apron over yourtable.
  • Neodymium magnets.

Attaching the spice board

The apron at my table is made of pressed cardboard. To attach a steel sheet to it, I drilled holes in it and, using a special fastening, screwed the sheet. Previously, in the steel board, holes were drilled as well.
Magnetic Spice Kit
As soon as the board is ready for use, go to the jars. The surface to which we will glue, it is necessary to degrease. Next, we glue the jar and glue a pair of neodymium magnets. It is desirable to the center. Magnetic spice set We are waiting for the glue to dry completely. And then, at will, we sign what is in this or that jar.
Magnetic Spice Set
It is very convenient that the jars are glass and transparent. First, you can see how much seasoning is left, and secondly, when using, you can not read the names, but by sight you can understand what the ingredient is inside. Make your life more convenient! Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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