Makeup artists secrets when applying makeup

Making cilia perfect

What are your actions in case of mascara on the eyelid, which has already been shadowed and made his eyeliner? Most likely, you are trying to use a cotton swab, a cotton swab, even a finger to straighten it, to wipe it off, that is, you spoil the makeup. As a result, the application of shadows must be repeated.

In such cases, the color is uneven. This in turn spoils your mood, especially when you are in a hurry, for example, on a date.

What do professional makeup artists do in such situations? It's simple! They simply do not allow such a moment.

When applying mascara just need to attach the little finger to the eyelid. Direction - the growth of eyelashes. Pressing on the eyelid is not necessary. This simple technique allows you to slightly raise the eyelashes, which fall on the little finger. The next step will be applying mascara.

This technique makes it possible to paint each cilia, combing them simultaneously.The result is amazing! Cilia will be perfectly separated, and eye makeup will remain intact.

Making the sponge plump

Each of us dreams of plump lips. The most common technique, which allows you to visually give greater plumpness sponges, is the application of gloss. Often for the same purpose pearl lipstick is used (applied in the middle of the lips). Less commonly resorted to such a technique as eyeliner sponges (the line is slightly larger than the contour of the lips).

The secrets of seductive and full sponges do not end there. If you want to give more volume to the upper sponge, then you can do it by means of a highlight and a usual small brush.

Before applying lipstick, it is necessary to create a brilliant contour with a few light strokes over the upper sponge (bend) (it should somewhat extend beyond the lip). After you should make up your lips with a classic method. Highlight will visually increase the volume of the lips, their contours will become clearer.

Make a colored eyeliner

If you decide to resort to color eyeliner, then you can do with black eyeliner, as well as shadows of different colors. So, a colored eyeliner can be made by means of a black ayliner.It is noteworthy that you can apply it as your soul desires.

After the previously used brush is sprayed with water (for this purpose, you can use a fixing spray), she scoops up the shadow of the desired color, which is applied to the black eyeliner.

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