A manual vibratory roller that works for you

In any activity, the use of specialized equipment is a prerequisite. - the device, irreplaceable when carrying out construction, landscape and road works. The main task of this technique is maximum soil tamping and proper laying of the coating layer. She is able to seal both the initial and the finishing layer. One such machine, due to its power, can replace several similar units.

The principle of operation of the vibratory roller is as follows: horizontal cylindrical rollers are driven and perform vibratory translational motion, rolling the top layer of the road surface. Rollers vary by type:

  • pneumowheel - for asphalt;
  • Cam is suitable for compaction of wet soil;
  • latticed - create a uniform material by grinding;
  • smooth is used when working with asphalt and a similar unrelated substance.

The ramming process is controlled automatically, there is an option of blocking the rollers to limit the spontaneous movement. Vibration promotes a qualitative and uniform compaction of the layer.

Classification of machines for compaction of soil, sand and asphalt

Vibratory rollers, like any technique, are divided into types depending on capacity and productivity. Could be:

  • self-propelled - include a place for the driver-operator;
  • trailed - they are quite mobile;
  • autonomous - work under remote control;
  • Manual - operated by a handle.

The possibilities of operation, as well as the types of machines, are diverse. Common qualities, in addition to the assigned functionality - is security and reliability. They can work in a limited space and on an inclined surface. Modern manual vibratory rollers have the air cooling system of a power device, and are automatically blocked at a critically low level of engine oil.

How to choose and buy vibration technology

Characteristics that must be considered when buying a vibrating roll:

  • machine power;
  • number of rolls, their type and width;
  • method and speed of movement;
  • the amplitude and frequency of the oscillations of the rolls
  • allowable work.

For a particular application, the acquisition of a vibrating roller is advisable when it is necessary to compact the soil of garden paths, work sites, excavation for a reservoir or basin.

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