Master Class: Plate Decoupage

On Valentine's Day, traditionally give romantic cards, hearts, valentines. But you can give a plate made with your own hands with a touching heart and a cute Cupid. Materials and tools: Valentine's Day; • Acrylic paints; • • A glass plate; • • sponge; • candy wrapper; • tassels; • glitter; • PVA glue; • • scissors; • acrylic varnish; • removal fluid varnish.
materials for plates
1. Valentine - double card, therefore, first cut it. Put the top page in warm water for 10-15 minutes so that it is soaked well, then it is easy to remove the extra layer of paper.
 double card
2. We take the picture out of the water, thin it, that is, we separate the upper layer. We put it on a napkin so that excess moisture is gone. From above, too, blotted with a napkin.
 separating the top layer
3. Carefully transfer the valentine to the file.We glue the front side.
 front side with glue
4. Turn the plate back. We carry out the so-called reverse decoupage. The file with the valentine tightly pressed to the surface of the plate, carefully smoothing fingers and expelling air bubbles. Then we remove the file and wait until it dries.
 Press the file with the valentine
wait until it dries
5. Excess glue, until it dries out, wipe with a wet sponge or cloth.
 wipe with a wet sponge
6. Before applying the acrylic paint, wipe the plate with nail polish remover.
 wipe with nail polish remover
7. Yellow paint make a frame around the heart. But we don’t draw the line, but we press the paintbrush to the plate.
 make a frame
8. After the yellow paint is completely dry, proceed to the design of the edges of the plate.We crumple the candy wrapper, put red paint on it and stamp it, but not tightly, but so that there is room for other colors.
 Crumpling the candy wrapper
9 . While the paint is not completely dry, sprinkle with glitter and leave to dry.
 sprinkle with sequins
10. Similarly, we make stamps with white paint.
 make stamps with white paint
11. The third coat of paint is light yellow. It is applied to the sides of the plate with the help of a candy wrapper. With the same color we paint over the valentine.
The third layer of paint
12. Spray the blue paint evenly with a sponge over the entire surface of the plate. Stain two times. Let's dry completely. Next, apply varnish on the entire surface of the plate.
 Finishing blue paint
14. Decoupage is over.

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