Megan for the sake of the prince refused the role of the girl Bond

But the star of the series is about to become the prince's bride.

Remember the beauty Olga Kurylenko in Bond, or maybe the incomparable Monica Bellucci, who became Daniel Craig's companion? So, the “Force Majors” star, and now the bride of Prince Megan Markle, could join the ranks of the girls of the most desirable man on earth.

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As it became known, the actress hit the short list of contenders for an honorary role in the 25th part of the bondiana, which should be released on screens in 2019. Of course, this prospect for Megan is already in the past. After all, she had already been a few months since she stopped filming the movie, having moved to London with her lover.

However, participation in the bondian is far from the only thing Markl had to refuse. Woman’s Day remembered other things that modern Cinderella donated.

Stiletto heels

And the first thing the prince's bride had to give up was her beloved neckline, tight mini-skirts and shiny high-heeled sandals, which “put on” an already high actress (171 cm tall) in line with supermodels.

Now Megan’s style is very restrained: two-piece suits, pencil skirts, elegant coats and classic pumps ... Oh, Megan doesn’t know that soon she will have to refuse from her favorite red lacquer and long nails! After all, according to the rules of court etiquette, the maximum allowed by the princes' wives is an elegant French jacket. However, Middleton can tell her about this with interest, because she will never meet that one with a bright nail polish and without the neatly arranged curls that have become a tradition.

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Island Wedding

Also, if Megan received the “dream wedding”, it was only partly ... After all, the groom, bound by many conventions, certainly cannot hide the celebration from the whole of Great Britain and fly away, say, to a paradise hut on the islands. But this is exactly what Megan once wanted.

The wedding will be noisy, pompous and loud. Yes, and the place has long been chosen for the young - the ceremony will be held in the family chapel. The one where Prince Harry was once baptized ... The dress, of course, the bride will be able to choose herself, as Princess Diana once did, preferring to no one unknown to English designers.Still, fashion critics strongly doubt that the queen will allow Markle to appear in a dress made by her friend Victoria Beckham. The reputation of the former "peppercorn» Spice Girls is very doubtful.

Free time

Yes Yes! Megan has almost no free time left after her marriage. But at least until the moment she gave the prince heirs ...

It is worth Markl miss at least one reception as the queen, and with it, and the journalists accuse that of evading royal duties.

When Kate, being pregnant for the second time, was published only 39 times (if, of course, according to the calculations of British journalists), she was quickly called “lazy Kate”. After all, Prince Charles attended almost 100 events during the same period, and the Queen herself honored at least 50 receptions ...

So what about the spa for the weekend Markle can safely forget.

Talking to my brother

Of course, no one can ban Megan’s family. But here about visits to my brother just have to forget.

The Queen is against appearing at the celebration (at least in the front row!) Of Megan's relatives. After all, in the opinion of Elizabeth II, the family’s reputation is, to put it mildly, not the best.

And her older brother Megan, who has a criminal record, spoiled it.

The man, working as an installation wizard for windows, nearly ended up behind bars this year. The man was accused of illegal possession and use of weapons, as well as the fact that he threatened his girlfriend with a pistol while intoxicated. As a result, Tom admitted that firearms were indeed hidden in his house, but he, in his own words, did not do anything illegal with respect to his beloved.

So it may have been. But the sediment in any case remained.

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