Metallic machine embroidery threads: features

Today, speaking of embroidery, many represent the old handicraft, which has long been engaged in women. But now, this art has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, a large number of new styles are emerging, modern technologies, methods and equipment are being developed. Metallic embroidery is becoming very popular. Embroidery of gold metallized threads has been known since ancient times. His cradle was the East, which always showed a wealth of materials and sophistication of patterns. The decor, made of gold and silver threads both earlier and today, serves as a wonderful decoration for clothes and interior - curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, books, etc. Church embroidery is also very common. The beauty and refinement of the ornaments and images is successfully emphasized by the use of metallized embroidery threads.The extraordinary magic of the golden threads of metallic in the sunlight is especially vividly transmitted when there is a play of light on the gold patterns.

Many successful companies around the world are engaged in the production of metallized threads for machine embroidery. Available in several shades of gold - from copper to classic yellow. Also, buyers are offered metallic threads of classic colors (blue, blue, violet). Silver looks very nobly, the release of which is also not limited to only one color. You can choose pearl gray, wet asphalt, dark gray, etc. The color transitions and the “pockmarked” thread are very interesting. Threads for machine embroidery from here will please the presence of a large selection and high quality.

Metallic decoration has a number of characteristics. Of course, this is a special embroidery program, some technical subtleties, the use of additional stabilizers and other nuances that allow you to get the maximum quality. These threads are different in composition. Today, polyester with metal braiding is produced, as well as threads with the content of real gold, which are distinguished by a high price. Also varies the thickness of the thread.Thin threads are easier to lay down when the image is executed, they are more pliable and break less.

Metallic sewing is a fascinating magical world where true craftsmanship is required. It is very important to correctly emphasize the richness of the material and its extraordinary beauty when combined with other textures.

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