Methods to increase the yield of tomatoes

Tomatoes are the most common vegetable among gardeners. When planting seeds on seedlings, do not get carried away with peaty soil, it is often filled with various chemicals. For tomatoes suitable most common garden soil.
Pick a crucial moment. As soon as the first real leaves form on the sprouts, remove the sprout from the ground, gently shake off the ground, cut off a third of the root. New capacity for sprout prepare a little more than it was before. Trimming is necessary for the formation of a powerful root system. Pruning should be done 2-3 times for the entire period of growth of seedlings. After the first pick, it can be performed without removing the bush from the pot. To do this, cut the soil with a knife up and down.
To form a double stem, pinch the tops. Pinning is important at the moment when the second true leaves appear. By doing this in this period, the sprout does not stop its development.
The method of division is used in order to increase the number of seedlings. The division is usually carried out before planting in open ground. The bush is cut in half, the lower part of the root is planted, it should be covered with new shoots. Tops immersed in a container of water to obtain the roots.
Ovary for the plant is an important period, the future harvest is formed. In addition to feeding you should take care of the pollination of flowers. To do this, tap with a thin stick on the stem of tomatoes. Do it better in the morning. When the first ovary appears, tapping should stop.
Almost all tomato bushes grow in breadth. Green mass damps the growth of fruits. To avoid this, tomatoes stepchild, cut off excess shoots. These actions can be done repeatedly during the growth of the plant.
The root-breaking method is carried out by summer residents at the end of the summer season. At this time, some of the tomatoes are still green; they will not be able to keep up in a natural way. To accelerate ripening, slightly tighten the bush up, tear the roots.

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