Middle age crisis

Statistics show that overtakes a person to reach the age of 35 years. The state is characterized by a protracted nature and lasts up to 55 years inclusive. Depression is triggered by endless reflections on the worthlessness of one’s own life. Scientific theory confirms the fact of a serious problem that requires a mandatory solution. Personal torments lead to a nervous breakdown and the destruction of a family idyll, relatives do not support this behavior. To survive the stages of the crisis, it is important to study the methods of its residence in the current situation. The process of rethinking occurs in different ways, but does not bypass the side, neither men nor women. The main characteristics inherent in the mid-life crisis: opposition position, a distorted perception of the world, denial and non-acceptance of actions, despite the fact that they were made consciously some time ago. The personal crisis is determined by the severe emotional state in general.

The time of the midlife crisis

Each person has individual features on which behavior and character depend. Due to the unique emotional background of each organism, the time of occurrence of a midlife crisis is determined by the specific indicators of a person and has differences among a group of people. The earliest moment of the onset of a midlife crisis is 30 years. In some cases, the disorder happens upon reaching the 50-year-old milestone. Medical statistics determines the age of 30-50 years as the average, based on the data of psychologists.

The duration of the middle age crisis is characterized by the parameters defining the individual nature for each individual. You can not talk about all people in general, but there is an average indicator that characterizes the required factor. Personal qualities are key to overcoming the mid-life crisis.

People with an optimistic outlook on life's troubles are much more likely to reduce the inevitable personality crisis stage.

Duration of midlife crisis

For optimists, a midlife crisis suggests the likelihood of passing without global emotional losses, lasting only a few months.The sullen mood of pessimistic people can last for decades, due to the lack of desire to get out of this state voluntarily and quickly. Other aspects of a person’s life also play a role: his failures in the past, love for self-analysis and endless self-digging, misunderstanding of past actions, dissatisfaction with one’s own life, powerlessness from the inability to change anything, failed career, wrong policies towards relatives, awareness of the arrival of an early old age .

Help in the successful overcoming of experiences should be provided by close people whose sincere support can significantly shorten the prolonged period of the depressed state. In this situation, the most useless occupation is to remain alone and continue to oppress and humiliate your own ego. Continuing an active social life can save the day.

Middle age crisis

Symptoms of a midlife crisis

External symptoms of a midlife crisis depend on the individual characteristics of the human body. The most common phenomena by which one can determine the presence of a progressive midlife crisis:

  1. Denying their own achievements, despite the positive opinion of others. A person, by virtue of his own depressed beliefs, does not want to hear information that others are trying to convey to him. No one plays the role of authority for a middle-aged crisis;
  2. Self pity. Middle age brings many negative points that seem to be global problems that have no solution. The process of pity occurs continuously, which repels relatives and friends, since it is impossible to endure an uncontrolled and annoying moaning for an impressive period of time;
  3. Well-established view of the injustice of life. No persuasion and arguments are not able to bring to life;
  4. Marriage recognition as unsuccessful. Regardless of the gender of the victim of the middle age crisis, it is during this period that the awareness of life is not with that person. The best solution for the couple often is a quick divorce, or a pause in the relationship. If a person does not make an effort to successfully pass a midlife crisis, this marriage is doomed;
  5. Complaining about the lack of success in their careers. The midlife crisis makes a person look back, evaluate his past, his work and its success. Most often, dissatisfaction is caused by a biased assessment, since the personal crisis does not allow for an adequate assessment of the situation. The real state of affairs is not taken into account. All walks of life take on a gray tint;
  6. Change of world view.Changing attitudes to values ​​accompanies the crisis period. A person does not understand how dear to him were things and events that at the given moment of time have not the slightest value for him. To successfully experience a crisis, it is quite loyal to treat this moment, which is not possible for everyone. Adult established personality at this age can not change established habits and change the value benchmarks to which they have been accustomed over the past years;
  7. Feeling worthless and senseless of their own lives.Beautiful surroundings always play with bright colors, but a midlife crisis can easily overshadow even the most optimistic world. A prolonged depression is inevitably accompanied by a comprehension of one's life. The culmination is the coming to the conclusion that life has no value.In severe cases, this symptom can be a warning signal to relatives in terms of vigilance and increased support.
  8. Change of environment.A midlife crisis is a great time to change your familiar surroundings and make new friends. Often this process is very painful for all parties.

The symptomatology of the middle age crisis is dangerous, it can completely destroy a person’s life

As a result, there is a loss of friends, close people, family and work.

Causes of the crisis of middle age

Psychologists identify several main causes of the crisis of middle age:

  1. Change in a person’s physical abilities. At the age of 35-50 years, the body of a person changes, the possibilities in terms of performing certain actions change accordingly. An adult is oppressed by such transformations, since in most cases the personality is not psychologically ready to accept them. Instead of frustration and depression, it is enough to integrate your former physical abilities into mental ones. This moment is the most important for the successful passage of the crisis phase in life.
  2. Social priorities above physiological pleasure.Men and women of age have problems in the intimate sphere, which is the root cause of the upset state. Due to the inability to have a full sex life, since the beginning of the crisis, pleasant communication with the opposite sex has been a priority.
  3. Emotional experiences due to loss of loved ones. All people - biological material, which over time has the tendency to die a natural death, or due to the influence of external forces. A midlife crisis often has a high mortality rate due to age characteristics. People of similar age find it difficult to accept the loss and realize the possibility of their own immediate death.
  4. Deteriorating state of health. Constant indispositions complicate the rhythm of habitual life. Prevention and targeting of social guidelines significantly helps in solving the problem.
  5. Home-family. During the crisis of the middle age, people suffer from a lack of adventure, pleasant events in life. Life, family and work without hobbies are especially oppressive for the soul.

Middle age crisis

A group of causes will lead to a mid-life crisis. Communicative relationships in the context of “family and friends” suffer the most from this state.

Causes of midlife crisis

Possible prerequisites for a middle age crisis are a number of factors that are based on family traditions and personal qualities.

Traditionally, members of the middle-aged family act as a link between older children and children. Depending on the level of personal competence, everyone understands the significance of their role and does not fully realize that the fate of their elders will soon be waiting for everyone. The carelessness of the young generation sows tension in the house and annoys, because an adult will not be in the life of the same fun and careless. They even visually put themselves in the place of their child, trying to create the perfect picture of life, regretting the lost time.

Another important nuance of the crisis of middle age is children. In the process of living together, caring parents often live not with their lives, but with the problems of their children. The period of growing up of children frightens parents. Sooner or later, the child arranges personal life and moves from his paternal home, which becomes an indescribable stress for the older generation. It would seem that new horizons are opening up, a lot of free time is being formed, but at this time the strangest paradox is revealed.It turns out that all this time the parents were not engaged in themselves, they do not have hobbies and hobbies, and they spend a lot of time freed up on their own loneliness. Psychological problems inevitably overtake.

Middle age crisis

Parents of a person 35-50 years old often have weak parents of old age. Loss of past warm relationships, constant ailments, spending on medications are beginning to annoy middle-aged people. They would not like caring for the elderly at all during this period. The problem is seen in the most negative light: life is unsuccessful, because such unpleasant events pursue in the prime of their life forces. The problems of the crisis are significantly exacerbated by other related factors: bad mood, deterioration of relations with other relatives, depressive mood.

Midlife crisis in women

The middle age crisis overtakes a woman in 35 years. The feeling of emptiness, an unsuccessful search for new sensations, dissatisfaction with personal intimate life and annoying friends are the main signs of the coming crisis period. Instead of noisy parties, the woman chooses sad evenings alone with a pillow and meaningless sobs.At this time, she deliberately avoids communication with other people, moves away from her friends, because she does not understand the meaning of their presence in her life. The most overwhelming factor is the lack of a built career and security. Looking back, the woman realizes that she could have done more, but in due time, obviously, there was not enough resources and desire.

Methods of relief are commonplace and simple: you must try to occupy your free time with hobbies and hobbies. This could be sports, origami, yoga, traveling, collecting and much more. To begin with, it is recommended to try to improve relations with relatives and close friends, their support is always necessary during difficult periods of life.

Middle age crisis

Loss of past beauty is often the underlying cause of prolonged depression. In order to avoid a bad mood, it is necessary to take it as a given and make every effort to maintain appearance in a decent manner: visit a beautician, fitness, sauna and swimming pool.

There is a different situation when a woman has built a career all her life and has not cared about creating a family, but at the age of 40 she comes to the realization of loneliness and the need to leave behind her young.In some women, depending on the nature of the character, the maternal instinct wakes up later than the others. It’s not too late to think about creating a family, therefore a middle age crisis is a great opportunity to start a new life, in which there will be no place to work until the night without days off, but there will be romance and quiet home comfort. The purpose of a woman is to be a wife and mother.

In order to successfully survive the mid-life crisis, a woman needs to stop evaluating past mistakes, and pay attention to reality.

Severe cases require the intervention of specialists. It is recommended to consult a qualified psychologist for advice.

Middle age crisis in men

 At the age of 40, a man changes his outlook on life, recalling the bitterness of past failures. Occupying an unfortunate position in society, apathy comes - a stupor for the implementation of plans. A failed career for a man is a sore point.

The crisis state stresses any person: a businessman or a simple office worker. Everyone finds a lot of reasons for depression, the key one is the lost opportunities.

During the mid-life crisis, men love philosophical conversations about the missed chances given in the past. Discussions out loud only provoke a desire to change the current state of affairs.

Middle age crisis

Physiological changes in the body inhibit an adult male. The body becomes flabby, interfere with body fat, the load is given with difficulty. To maintain the state recommended regular exercise and a positive life position. Proper nutrition helps in the fight against chronic diseases. Health after 40 requires reverent attention.

Teenage problems accompany men to death. The social role of the outcast, which the girls did not like in school, in the future turns into the role of a hero-lover who changes partners with rapid speed. When intimate life does not add up due to a health condition, the depressive state is aggravated.

How to overcome a midlife crisis?

It is important to understand that a crisis is a transitional state through which life is revalued.

This is another chance to change something that did not suit earlier. The main thing is to remain in reality, without indulging in digging into your memory.

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