Milana Kerzhakova disconnected from the Internet and became a recluse

The wife of a football player is treated for stress after misfortunes in the family.

Many tests fell to the share of Milana Kerzhakova this year. In early April, she lost her father. Senator Vadim Tulips died just a week before the birth of her son. And not so long ago, they attacked Milana's mother when she was leaving the garage.

One joy in the family of Milana and her husband, football player Alexander Kerzhakov is little Artemy. However, sleepless nights with a baby once even drove a young mother to nervous exhaustion.

Get rid of the stress Kerzhakova decided, completely changing the situation. Usually active in social networks of Milan suddenly disappeared from Instagram. And explained her absence to subscribers after two weeks.

Photo: @milana_kerzhakova

It turned out that his wife’s footballer heals the stress in the clinic, which is located in the picturesque forests of Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany. Milana decided to try ayurverdu on herself - the traditional system of Indian medicine.Meditation, spa, bathing in hot springs, a special diet and a healthy mode, which, by the way, implies the absence of the Internet - so Kerzhakov was sobering his time away from home.

“What can be said about my Ayurvedic experience - definitely, it is necessary for everyone who has undergone great stress,” wrote Milan in a microblog. “The absence of the Internet, the availability of vegetarian food and body-supporting supplements — together give you the opportunity to rest physically and mentally from everything.”

Kerzhakova confesses: she finally felt a peace, which was no longer in her life.

“Sometimes it is very important to make a conscious pause in order to understand how and where you should move on. For each of us, it is extremely important to disconnect from everyday life and fully devote time to ourselves, ”summed up Milan.

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