Mobile from felt

The original floral mobile phone will decorate any interior, but especially it will look good in the children's room, in the kitchen or at the cottage. Rescue such a mobile and with the arrangement of the kindergarten group in the spring or summer period. It will take very little time to make a mobile, and you do not need to have any special skills. You will need the following materials:
  • Different-color felt.
  • Chinese sticks 2 pieces.
  • Patterns of flowers and butterflies (draw in advance arbitrarily).
  • Threads of white or beige color (can be replaced with a fishing line).
  • Scissors.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • The Iris threads are white.
Transfer the patterns of flowers and butterflies to felt. You should have:
  • 4 details for chamomile;
  • 4 details for a small red flower;
  • 4 details for a large pink flower;
  • 4 blue butterflies;
  • 4 green butterflies;
  • 24 yellow circles for the core of flowers (from two sides on each flower).
 Felt mobile with your own hands
On the wings of the butterflies you can cut longitudinal holes - a similar effect will emphasize the ease of construction. Prepare the base for the mobile. Wrap the middle of both sticks with double-sided tape, remove the protective layer of tape, connect the sticks together crosswise.
Mobile made from felt with your own hands
 Felt mobile with your own hands
Glue double-sided tape on the sticks in the remaining places, wrap the construction of the sticks tightly with a white “Iris” thread. Attach a thread to each edge of the chopsticks, with which the mobile will be attached (see photo). Prepare the flowers. Sew 2 yellow circles to each of the flowers in the central part (from 2 sides). After that, collect on 4 threads 3 flowers and 2 butterflies, you can change the sequence of flowers and butterflies, or make the same sets.
Felt mobile with your own hands
Felt mobile do it yourself
Tie threads with strung flowers and butterflies to the base of the car. That's all, after that it will only be necessary to place the resulting decorative item in the right place!
 Felt mobile with your own hands
 Felt mobile with your own hands
 Felt mobile with your hands
Advice! If necessary, the finished mobile is dry cleaned. As you can see, the manufacturing process is simple and accessible to everyone. If you try, you will succeed!

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