Modeling from plasticine


Picture from plasticine

Plasticine painting

The usual picture, bought in the store, will not surprise anyone. Then why not make a picture with your own hands from plasticine? If desired, you can even depict in the picture of your pet - a dog or a cat! Let's get going!
Decoration of foam plastic and plastic for the decorative rate

Decorations from foam and plastic for a decorative rate

Summer is a special time. Many hostesses, in addition to the daily needlework, are also accepted for the improvement of a cottage, a garden or a country site. After all, beautiful flower beds, flat beds, as well as educational grounds for summer children's fun are the same
Master class

New Year's “Yolochka” master class

Today we will be in the role of magicians and turn the most ordinary cone into a New Year tree. For work we need: - a bump; - a cover from montance; - gouache paints; - plasticine; - beads or beads; - glue the moment; -glitter; - figure with
Plasticine painting

Plasticine painting

Paintings in the technique of "plasticine painting" is amazing. A manufacturing technology is so elementary that it can handle even a child of preschool age. Swabs based on are created with the help of a finger stretching
Plasticine painting

Plasticine painting

We offer you a master class on creating a picture with the help of plasticine. This type of painting is called plasticine or plastinography.The paints here are clay, as graphic material, and the hands are our tool,

Mini Aquarium

In the game with the baby, it is often possible to create something new and unusual with your own hands. It can be a lock from the designer, not provided for by the assembly instructions, a doll from a usual knitted sock, or ... an aquarium with a fish floating in it! For
Plasticine picture

Plasticine picture

Probably, everyone watched a domestic plasticine cartoon. Agree, very beautiful and not ordinary. I suggest that you also do something similar, namely a picture of plasticine. Of course it sounds already weird, but do not worry, everything is beautiful and
Rainbow caterpillar from plasticine

Rainbow Caterpillar of Clay

In this master class we will sculpt a seemingly ordinary caterpillar of plasticine balls,which even the smallest child can cope with, but due to the smooth transition of colors and a couple of small details, the crafts will come out uncommon.

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