Natural Acne Remedies


One of the available natural remedies for acne is garlic. A clove of garlic must be cut into two parts and the face skin must be wiped several times a day. It is worth noting the positive effect of garlic on the skin. It can also fight with age spots.

You need to apply a small amount of tincture directly on the pimple to avoid skin burns.

Not surprisingly, aloe is found in many cosmetics. Aloe is a great antiseptic.

Aloe leaf must be cut into several parts, squeeze juice out of them. This juice should be applied to acne. There may be some discomfort, as aloe dries the skin.

Tea tree oil

This oil is effectively used as an antiseptic, as it is rich in active ingredients. The oil can be used to dry the skin, which is necessary when dealing with acne.

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