Natural wood in the interior: 15 great solutions

The new review has collected even more examples of decorating the interior of a house with a live tree, which is considered to be one of the most attractive materials. We hope that among the proposed options everyone will like something.

1. Accessory in the interior

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Wall decoration with sawn wooden beams.

2. Little things for beauty and comfort

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The picture is made of small squares of different wood species.

3. Beautiful wall decor


Beautiful wall decor in the form of a tree from different wood species.

4. Designer trifle in the interior


Multicolored wood arrows showing direction.

5. Nice little thing

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Metal clock with a wooden insert in the center.

6. Wonderful decoration


Wooden shelves with their own hands will be a wonderful decoration in the interior.

7. Wooden shelf


An original hanging shelf with your own hands.

8. The original crossword on the wall

% image_alt%

The crossword on the wall, solved on wooden bars.

9. Wooden clock


Mechanical wall clock.

10. Wooden heart


Heart on the wall made of twigs in the wonderful interior of the bedroom.

11. Wall decor in the form of a tree

% image_alt%

The original wall decor in the form of a tree with light.

12. Decorative wall

% image_alt%

Decorative wall of wood cuts in the bathroom.

13. Panel of wood cuts

% image_alt%

Panel near the fireplace from wood cuts.

14. Sink stand

% image_alt%

Stand for a sink from the driftwood in the bathroom.


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