Needle Hat

Today we will sew a needle bed in the form of a miniature flirty hat. For needles, usually use small pads stuffed with cotton or padding polyester. Sometimes the needles are stuck right in the thread of a thread. This is very inconvenient for storing needles. The hat, which we will sew, can lie on the pier glass, on the table or nightstand, it can be hung on the wall. Such a needle bed will not spoil, but, on the contrary, will decorate the interior of your apartment, or will be a nice gift to a friend. To make a needle bed, you will need a small piece of cardboard, any fabric and decor of your choice: lace, ribbon or flower. The process of creating our hat: 1. On a cardboard we draw a circle. To do this, it is not necessary to have a compass, you can simply draw a pencil around the contour of the plate. Cut a circle and even a small strip of cardboard for the walls of the needle case. 2. We fasten a strip of cardboard with thread and wrap it with cotton.
 draw a circle on cardboard
 Draw a circle on a cardboard
3.We cut a piece of cloth twice the diameter of the circle and sew along the edge of the fabric with a seam, as they say "for the stilt." The cardboard circle is wrapped with this cloth. We pull the thread so that the edges converge roughly in the center of the cardboard circle.  Cut a circle
 sew on the edge of the fabric with a seam

we sew with a cloth
4. Cotton wool with a cardboard wall also we sheathe fabric. At the same time, try to evenly distribute the folds of the fabric on the walls.
 we sew with cloth
5. Now it remains to sew the top of the cap (with cotton) to the brim of the hat, that is, to a cardboard circle covered with a cloth. Sewing them together, you hide the ugly strapped edges of the fabric. The hat is almost ready.
we cover with a cloth
 we sew with cloth 6. For the decor I take the usual satin ribbon. First you need to make a bow. The bow will be even if the tape is wound on any object, and then tied in the middle.You can use a comb for this, as in my photo.
 by attaching a bow
 by attaching a bow
7. Then attaching a bow, sew a ribbon at several points. To prevent the ribbon from spreading, the ends should be cut with a triangle or diagonally.
 needle bed hat
 needle bed hat
Look: here the hat lies on the table But hanging on the wall. Now the needles will not be lost and a flirty hat will decorate your room. I spent only half an hour making it.

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