New image of old cabinet

“How good, how fresh were the roses! ..” - a new image of the old cabinet. Each of us, sooner or later, is confronted with the fact that the old one is bored or does not answer his functions, and the new one has no money. However, even the purchase of new cabinets does not give its predecessors a voucher for the garbage, because many have gardens and country houses, where you can experiment with every single piece of furniture. This is how charming verandas and rooms are created, decorated in a unique, own style. Those mistresses and owners who know how and loves to make cute little things with their hands, and this article is addressed. Let's talk about decoupage the old cabinet (for books? For dishes? For shoes?). For work you need: In order to perform decoupage and design of the old cabinet into a beautiful piece of furniture , you will need: 1. Wardrobe; 2. White paint - 1 can (1.2 kg); 3. Watercolor paint (red); 4. Brush is wide, roller; Braid decorative 3-4 meters; 6. Clear wallpaper glue or glue for decoupage; 7. Scissors, small and large; 8. Lighter; 9. Phillips screwdriver; 10.Glue gun with a single rod; 11. Napkin with decorative elements (rose flowers in this case).

Preparing the surface for decoupage

To begin with, inspect the outside of the cabinet for faults. If necessary, tighten the hinges, perform minor repairs.
old cabinet
 old wardrobe winged
Use a suitable screwdriver to remove knobs and fittings from furniture. For convenience, you can remove the doors.
The first step in any furniture reworking is always sanding. This is usually a long, difficult process. You can connect a grinding machine, but if it is not there, sandpaper No. 60 and No. 40 will help you. Sand the cabinet from all sides, not forgetting the ends. If furniture veneer bounces off the ends easily, remove it by carefully picking it up with a knife.
This is how the furniture looks after the first sanding step. If the forces are not over, start sanding with smaller grains the second time.
 new image of the old cabinet
Now it is important to remove dust from the surface.By the way, these small particles are very unpleasant: when working with sandpaper, protect your face with a bandage or special glasses. Be careful! With intensive sanding, you can burn your hands even through fabric gloves. In order to remove dust, we will iron the cabinet with a hand in a wet glove.
 the new image of the old cabinet
While it dries, we put the work order in place, this will help us with a vacuum cleaner.
 new image of the old wardrobe
Remove decorative elements from the door. If the surface of the door is damaged at the same time, use a primer.
 new image of the old cabinet
Now it's time to start painting the surface. We paint twice, neatly dispersing the paint until a uniform color is achieved, avoiding divorce. We paint doors and sides in the direction from bottom to top or from top to bottom, the top is as convenient: width or length.
 new image of the old cabinet
After the first layer dries ,You can paint the closet and inside, it is optional.
 new image of the old wardrobe
This is what paint I used: it's washable paint.
 new image of the old cabinet
We paint for the second time. new image of the old wardrobe


Bye to Raska dries, you can start preparing napkins for decoupage. I took napkins with large motifs depicting roses. These are three-layer napkins, the brightest layer they have is the thinnest. The sequence of preparation is as follows: 1. Separate the paint layer, 2. Straighten the napkin and iron the iron from the front. 3. Cut the motive.
 new image of the old cabinet
 new image of the old cabinet
 new image of the old cabinet
The cabinet is waiting for a standing decoupage. Put it on your back and try on the fragments. new image of the old cabinet
 new image of the old cabinet
Dissolve wallpaper glue a little thinner than you need for wallpaper stickers.Spread the glue on the surface in places where there will be a motive. Put a napkin, peel neatly from the center to the edges. If necessary, gently add the glue with a thin brush. Remove surplus with a white napkin or cotton pad. This is the motive you will get:  new image of the old wardrobe When the glue dries, the glue will cease to shine, its will not be seen. Cover it with a clear lacquer for decoupage.


It is convenient to decorate the cabinet with ribbons if it is also on the back.
new image of the old wardrobe
Let the glue gun warm up. Treat the edges of the braid with a lighter.
 new image of the old cabinet
My door height was 65 cm.

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