No need to frown: 10-day marathon to lift your spirits

Moral exhaustion, burnout, fatigue - these unpleasant states are familiar to many. Psychologist Irina Maslova-Semenova developed a technique that in 10 days will help restore the taste for life.

Tasks located in from simple to complex. They will teach you to find new sources of energy, discover the world and enjoy the new day. And where joy is, health, beauty, love, money. Remember: nothing will change, if everything is done in the old way. Therefore, a few new actions, sudden for a weekday, will help with this.

1st day Buy a colorful children's book

In childhood we are open to the world, we enjoy every day, we dream globally - we want to be a princess, live in a castle, become a superman. With age, resources are wasted, desires become shallow (sometimes our maximum is new shoes or a washing machine). Fairy tale therapy is considered one of the most powerful techniques in psychology.When we open a book, associations bring us back to childhood, we remember our impressions, the ability to see a miracle in every moment, abstracting ourselves from reality. If there is no free money to buy a book, just come to the store, hold the books in your hands, look at the pictures, read a little. After a while you will feel that the breath has become deeper, you relax and smile.

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2nd day Discover a new place.

Decadent mood often appears because of the routine: nothing changes from day to day. You will be surprised how really diverse the world is around us. To discover something new, just take a bus and go to any unfamiliar area of ​​the city. Walk through the streets, see how people live there. If you live in the village, you can go to a nearby town or explore the surroundings. Take some markers or pencils with you and make a map of the new place. Put on it all the special places - cafes, streets, fountains. You can go for a walk with children and create a family route.

3rd day. Paint the old thing

Art therapy is another powerful assistant. Drawing immerses us in a kind of meditative state in which we can switch from routine problems to ourselves, back to childhood.Do not necessarily create a masterpiece - draw what comes to mind. If the inspiration did not come, do not worry - take the coloring. The task for the most courageous - paint with colors old jeans or a T-shirt, and then put up for sale on one of the Internet resources. Set the price of any, but not below 100 rubles.

4th day. Try a new taste

In the language of 10,000 taste buds, and in ordinary life, we use only a part. Recognizing the new taste, every time we become a pioneer. Unusual combinations of products, tastes, smells and textures include all the senses and encourage the brain to draw new conclusions. Try something new in the restaurant or cook a dish at home.

5th day. Understand what inspires you

You do not need a stranger who tells you what will make you happy. You know it well yourself, just forgot. Go for a walk, sit in a cozy cafe, turn off all gadgets, relax. Take out a notebook and make a list of what fills you with energy and inspires: places, things, objects, dishes, people, works of art, music. Write at least 30 points, and all 50 is better.Do not rush, you do it only for yourself. Drop all “accepted” and “fit”, remember yourself to be old, lively, mischievous. What did you do? Who surrounded you? Why did it go out of your life? Do one thing once a week. The main task of the list is to recall the places of power that are yours, and not imposed by someone’s opinion.

6th day. Do exercise outdoors

Any apathy develops primarily due to lack of oxygen and movement. Therefore, sport is our best friend in the fight against the blues. Make a super call yourself - go for exercises early in the morning or late in the evening. You can not even imagine how you will be proud of yourself later! You are no longer part of this gray mass, which, before waking up, wanders dejectedly to the subway or minibus. You are vigorous, energetic, full of energy and strength, with a blush on your cheeks. And in two weeks you will feel how the attitude towards yourself has changed for the better. And remember: a healthy and happy mother is a healthy and happy family.

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7th day. Meet up with a friend

Remember the five friends with whom you have not communicated for a long time for any reason. Write a message to them, ask how you are doing, make a compliment, or - the most powerful in your emotions - thank you for something. Choose one person from the list, call him and make an appointment.Choose coffee or take a walk. You can write to a friend with whom for some reason stopped communicating. It doesn't matter what she answers and whether she answers. It is important that you take a step and show that the door is open.

8th day. Say “yes” to events

Remember the Jim Carrey movie “Always say yes”? Today we will do it all day. Of course, within the law and morality. We do not refuse offers, wishes, no matter how adventurous they may seem to us. Even if you know that you can’t afford anything now, don’t refuse. For example, you were offered to buy an expensive car. Sign up for a test drive, ask questions, imagine that you are buying it. The purpose of this exercise is to break down stereotypes, all these “this is not for me”, “I have no money for it” and so on. We must learn to let new events into our lives. Cook soup and make algebra with the child you still have time. But if you only do this, in a year you will not be able to remember a single bright event for all this time.

9th day. Give yourself 2 hours

Usually there is no mood for tiredness, so you need to arrange a day of self-love. Two hours of time for a spa, bath or just soak in the bath. Masochki, skins, scrabi. We do not leaf through the tape of the phone, we do not answer calls. We do not think about the meaning of life.Just enjoy.

10th day. Feel grateful

All these days we have learned to let events happen, to enjoy every day and to love ourselves. And then came the most difficult. And the time has come for the most difficult, but also the most energetically powerful task - to sincerely thank those who helped us in life. Remember the five such people and write them sincere words of gratitude. But you will get even more effect if you call your parents and thank them for giving you life. Just say you love them. Yes, not all communication with parents is easy. But by taking the first step, you will make your relationship more intimate. Usually in such cases, the parents simply lose their gift of speech, and the situation is getting better. Gratitude has a very powerful energy, and it works like a snowball. As soon as you learn to thank sincerely, you will receive even more in return. Have you noticed that a grateful woman is helped more eagerly and on her own initiative than the one who grumbles all the time and is unhappy with everything? By the way, it is scientifically proven that a grateful person is changing his state at an energy level.

These 10 days filled us with energy, which should be long enough. But this does not mean that all tasks should be forgotten. Repeat them from time to time to keep yourself at the proper emotional level.

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