Not in fashion: famous men who do not know how to dress

Men can be divided into three types. The first do not follow the fashion. The main thing for them is comfort and functionality. They look “like everyone else,” and they don’t care. The second attentively study the assortment of shops and boutiques, try to be in trend and know by name all the menswear designers. There is a third variation: maximalist men. If they do not follow the fashion, they look like homeless people, and if they like to dress up, then in most cases they look like clowns. Actually, the representatives of the third type of men became the heroes of our selection. Nikita Dzhigurda, Mickey Rourke, Sergey Zverev, Steven Tyler and others entered our list of stars who can not dress.
Steven tyler
Steven tyler
Photo: Splash News

Stephen Tyler, the legendary lead singer of Aerosmith, is well past 60, but that doesn’t stop him from experimenting with his own style. Socks with sandals and scarves on the naked body - it is still "flowers".Bright blue pedicure, round glasses with orange lenses and a pink strand in a pile of graying hair can be called “berries”.

Steven Tyler loves the style of hippies, which he mixes without hesitation with rock'n'roll paraphernalia, like leather jackets with rivets and blue skin-tight jeans. It is worth noting that the musician chose this image for himself not only as a stage, but also as an everyday one.

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