Novikova, Vinokur, Syutkin and other stellar neighbors

Which celebrity lives next door, helps each other out in everyday situations, and sometimes, on the contrary, suits problems.

Neighbors in Jurmala

Photo: Maris Morkans

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any property in Jurmala,” Novikova told Antenna. - But for the summer I rent a cottage in about the same place. Previously, there was a wonderful resort, but hotels were built in its place. This is a very pleasant area with a beautiful deserted beach, where there is no constant party, which I am glad of.

Last year Leonid Kanevsky’s family and many of my friends rested there at that time. I had a huge number of my friends and friends there. For example, Sergei Golomazov, artistic director of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, with his wife, actress Vera Babicheva, as well as the writer Mikhail Mishin. Sometimes I live not far from the house of Vitorgans - every day we see each other and walk together with Emmanuel and his wife Irina.We meet with Volodya Vinokur not so often, because we have holidays at different times. Vinokur has a cozy home on the beach in a beautiful location. Volodya is a very friendly and generous person. We have warm relations with him, both professional and human. During our conversation with you, several text messages have already been sent to me. I am on all of his birthdays and the birthdays of his mother, Anna. She is 96 years old. And mom is just fantastic! Beautiful tables are laid, actors, friends of Volodya come. We say kind words to our mother, someone sings, for example, Sasha Marshall, Iosif Kobzon.

Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

- I usually come for a while. Last year we walked along the beach, went to the cinema, went to the market, set the tables with Kanevskys, Vitorgans. I really love fish and I eat only seafood in Jurmala and seafood, but I have not touched meat for 25 years. There are favorite restaurants where I go. It is full of all the fish that I adore. And my friends know it and cook it especially for me, they smoke it. In Jurmala, the truth is very nice. I have been there for at least 10 days for 40 years already. I raised my daughter there, she took her grandson there. This is already a prayer place.

Here in Moscow, in the apartment where I lived before, I knew all my neighbors, and for all the holidays I treated and brought gifts for the New Year. But today neighbors are changing so often.I moved to Lyalin Lane when there were some people there, and now others. But I continue to be friends with an Armenian family who looks after my apartment when I leave for Jurmala. On Marshal Zhukov, where I live now, my star neighbors - Regina Dubovitskaya and Lena Sparrow.

Photo: Instagram by Anastasia Vinokur

Other celebrities acquired residential meters in Jurmala many years ago, and now neighbors are forever - like Vinokur and Syutkin, who live under each other.

“We have been friends with Klarochka all our lives, she has been irreplaceable in Jurmala for many, many years,” said Vladimir Vinokur with Antenna. - This is a charming, kind woman who has raised both children and grandchildren and is warm to her colleagues and friends. Very dedicated, intelligent person. We also meet with Laima Vaikule. This is our friend, with whom we were born on the same day, March 31. Igor Nikolaev and his wife Yulia Proskuryakova, Gena Khazanov, Valera Syutkin, the Kaveen family - Alexander Maslyakov and his wife Svetochka ... A huge number of people who live there, relax - this is our party. Previously more often met, because they were KVNy, "Humoriny", "New Wave".Unfortunately, it ended, but the Laima Vaikule “Rendezvous” festival remained, in which I participate every year. We are always happy to each other, a lot of walking. Our house is located opposite our Russian representative office. The closest neighbor is Valera Syutkin, who lives under me and asks all the time not to flood him with water. He often passes salt to me through the balcony when it ends with me. And in return, he always asks for money in debt, and I give him.

Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

“Volodya Vinokur is even more humorist in his life than on stage,” admitted “Antenna” Valery Syutkin. - Immediately I have no conversations with him. Usually the dialogue begins with the phrase: “Well, why are we not filling you there?” At the same time, he makes such spectacular gestures that reinforces the meaning of this expression. We share not only the space of the house with each other, but also we are neighbors in the garage there, in Jurmala. The garage is the highest degree of interaction and mutual respect. If everything is good in the garage, then what could be the claim for the apartment? My wife is Rizhanka, Violochka, that's why I got a flat in Jurmala. And Vinokur's wife, Tamara, is the engine of everything. She controls everything, sets her own rules.Now I am talking to you on the phone, and in Jurmala I look after his apartment. Well, as I look after: not the flowers, of course, I water, but I occupy his place in the parking lot. We always help each other. When Volodya leaves, I ask if I can put the car in his place, and he is always welcome. In this regard, we have mutual assistance. It happened by chance that we live in the same house. I bought a living space for a long time, it was the first apartment building in Jurmala, where you could buy something. There were apartments for him and the late Viktor Tikhonov, the great hockey coach, and Alexander Maslyakov and his family. Jurmala is a very good resort, because, firstly, not far, well, the weather is mild. The word "prestigious" does not fit in Jurmala. It is all environmentally friendly. We live right in the forest, but on the contrary, which is nice, is the residence of the Russian ambassador. So we don’t part with Russia there either. In this house lives with us the banker Alexander Gafin, who brought all the artists, ranging from the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney, Elton John. We are adjacent to the director of the Theater of Operetta Vladimir Tartakovsky. So we have such an artistic home. The rest live in the center, like Larisa Dolina.And we are on the outskirts, in the forest, on the Big River: this is the name of our district in Latvian. This is the place where the river flows into the sea, so this name. Since we live with each other over Vinokur, we go to the best restaurant to meet, so as not to embarrass anyone around the house.

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