Nyusha on the 9th month of pregnancy gave a hot dance for three

Despite the fact that she has to give birth very soon, the singer does not deny herself secular pleasures.

“Yesterday’s Spanish evening,” Nyusha signed a video made at a party in honor of her birthday. Recall, August 15, the singer turned 28 years old. “How cool it was!”

Fans agree with her: cool. Nyusha, despite her rather big belly, is dancing to fiery music. Not one - three are participating: she, her husband, Igor Sivov, and their future baby. Or baby. Subscribers, by the way, are inclined to the second option: “A father with a future daughter is dancing. She is still in the tummy, but they are already together. ” And here they are touched: “How gently he strokes her belly, mi-mi-mi!”

Aug 16, 2018 at 8:02 pdt

The future dad really doesn’t seem to be able to tear himself away from his wife’s belly: he hugs all the time, strokes every now and then. Maybe the baby is really dancing, and dad feels his pushes?

And the fans said how Nyusha is pregnant: “God, Nyusha, you are beautiful.No wonder they say that pregnancy adorns a woman. ” The singer really looks great: her eyes are shining, and indeed she is all glowing. Although it is clear that the singer pretty well rounded, and not only in the stomach: the face and neck have become a little plumper. But it does not spoil it at all. No wonder fans chirping: "What cheeks!"

Photo: @nyusha_nyusha

But the singer's legs remained as slim as before pregnancy. Nyusha admitted that, being in position, she was seriously fascinated by yoga. Apparently, these practices and helped her stay in good shape.

Recall Nyusha admitted that she is waiting for the baby, in May of this year. At what time the singer is now, it is not known - you can only navigate by the size of the tummy. But this science is very inaccurate, because the pregnancy at all passes in different ways.

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