Openwork lily

From the fabric you can make a huge amount of jewelry. In this article will be considered the manufacture of the flower "lily". It can be used to create various accessories: brooches, rims, hairpins, jewelry for bags, clothes, hats.
Work requires: - 12 squares of beige fabric, 6 x 6 in size. - straight tweezers. - lighter. - glue gun. Sequence of work. Each petal is folded separately, so all the petals of the future flower must be folded in the same way. First we take one square and folding I eat it about the diagonal twice. The result is a triangle folded by sex.
 petal is folded
Next, use tweezers to twist one side of this triangle. You need to twist tightly from the very edge.
 twist one side
After this, the triangle should be folded in half, but soto curl done with tweezers preserved and located in the center. Having pressed the addition with fingers, now it is necessary to release tweezers in order to use it to continue work. Then the triangle should be kept with tweezers.
 fold in half
Stepping back from the top of a triangle 2 cm, you can cut off all unnecessary. This will be the length of the petal. The cut and the bottom of the petal should be burned with a flame and lit so that the material does not crumble, and the folded edges join together, keeping their shape.
 Retreating from the top of the triangle
Now it remains to draw the depth of the petal. To do this, along the entire length it is necessary to note 1 cm and cut off all the surplus. It is also necessary to burn new sections with a flame. As a result, when the petal is spread, it turns out a beautiful element for a flower with a curl in the center.
 petal depth
All other petals are made in the same way. When all the details will be made, then you can start collecting the flower.To do this, 6 must be glued together with a glue gun.
 are made in the same way
Now one more element should be pasted between each petal.
It turned out openwork flower, which will be a wonderful decoration.

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