Optimism - a cause for pride or a dangerous trap?

There are those who, at the request of advice or a complaint about everyday difficulties with a clever kind, call for a change of attitude towards trouble. Having read the tabloid books on psychology, they are sure that they control the world and themselves by the power of thought alone.

In general, the positive thinking doctrine is successfully used as a means of controlling people in politics, and also in large corporations, where any failure is presented as an opportunity to do something even better, preferably with a smile on your face. The template behavior, oriented towards finding a benefit in everything, evokes the idea that it is not necessary to do anything. It is better to rely on an unknown force, which itself will decide everything and find a successful solution.

But politics is politics, and our real world is different. The infantile philosophy that it revolves in our head is convenient for many, but still it is self-deception. No matter how desirable, we cannot make certain things happen.There are no magnetic fields, where your consciousness, while drawing pictures of the luxurious life, achieves its own.

Your thoughts can certainly be positive, but aren't you sweeping your lip wide? Why seduce yourself with the fact that your pink world transforms reality, and your dreams are special? Belief in illusion is not a path to success and no optimism at all. This is nonsense, on which lazy people spend their time while others really work for themselves.

Optimism - a cause for pride or a dangerous trap?

Distrust of optimism does not mean at all that despondency and pessimism are something better - they can also be far-fetched and illusory. All that is important to do is take off the rose-colored glasses, take for faith not optimism, but realism. Something does not work out - think about why, instead of guessing on the cards or slyly inventing how to attract the desired. There are you, your actions, the surrounding reality and the people around you - it is important to correctly relate all these components in order to adequately assess what is happening. If people are in trouble, then there is nothing worse than telling them that they need to smile or look at the starving children of Africa, who are much worse off. Now this is a call to distort the reality of one particular person instead of helping him find a way out of a difficult situation or simply support him.

If each of us became richer and healthier, doing nothing for this, then the world would be completely different. But there is good news: positive thinking and useless optimism are powerless against real actions, decisive steps, real actions. They give us much more lively emotions and impressions than pictures on a wish card and phrases in the spirit of “Everything will be fine”.

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