Origami Master Class


Origami pyramid is a model from a bank note with own hands

Origami pyramid - model from the bills do-it-yourself

A small pyramid is a kind of talisman that attracts silence, luck and financial well-being into the house. And if this pyramid is made of real money, then it will surely be like a magnet to attract bills. Make a little
Origami Sushi

Origami Sushi

Origami Sushi is a great solution for interior decoration if you decide to invite your friends to a party and arrange it in Japanese style. Such home-made products are made quickly and easily, but they look very impressive! Read on and you will learn how to
Paper Bottle

Paper Bottle

It has long been no secret to anyone that a variety of objects can be folded from an ordinary sheet of paper. Which of us did not make a paper airplane or a simple flower in childhood. Remember how hard we folded the paper, and then
Support under pencils from paper

Stand for pencils made of paper

Organize your workplace by using various devices. For lovers of needlework it will be interesting to create them with your own hands. For example, the step-by-step production of a pencil holder is shown in this master class.
Paper box origami in the form of a cat

Origami paper box in the form of a cat

An excellent idea for a children's holiday is a paper box of origami in the form of a seal. It can be used as packaging for sweets, similar to bonbonnieres, which are handed to guests at the wedding. Let every child invited to his birthday
How to make a mouse out of paper

How to make a mouse out of paper

Not every child saw a real mouse. But thanks to fairy tales and illustrations for them, he will unmistakably find this animal in the pictures among other characters. In order to familiarize yourself with this rodent, invite your child to make a mouse out of paper.
Paper Dragon

Paper Dragon

Dragons are found in the mythology of many nations and are sometimes revered as sacred animals - let us remember at least the Chinese dragon festival, in honor of which an annual kite festival is held. Fictional or real, dragons in mind
Paper swan-box

Paper Swan Box

A box in the form of a swan, folded from a sheet of paper, can be an ornament to a children's holiday table. You can serve any candy or nuts in it. Prepare to decorate the table and make such a crust will be interesting with children.
Gift box in the shape of a heart
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A heart shaped gift box

If you have a ready-made template, then making a heart is not difficult. And if not? Then do it yourself! True, it is necessary to carefully measure each side, otherwise the article will not be assembled when it is pasted together. Therefore, if you have perseverance and patience, then this

Kusudama Triple Pancake

Kusudama were used in Japan to store medicinal or simply fragrant herbs. It was believed that natural flavors are beneficial for physical and spiritual health. There are a huge number of models, Japanese origami masters and
Valentine's heart

Valentine's Heart

Valentine's Day in Russia is celebrated not so long ago, but this holiday has firmly established itself on our expanses. The lovers took a fancy to this holiday and gladly give each other romantic gifts.

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