Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry debuted on the red carpet as a couple

In April, Katy Perry unexpectedly stated that she was “engaged and very happy,” while her partner, Orlando Bloom, was still in no hurry to talk about their relationship. Well, at least, the romance with Orlando Cathy was not a dream: at the gala evening in Monte Carlo, they first appeared together as a couple, exchanging loving glances and holding on rather embarrassed and constrained.

“Well, if only for the hands were taken,” “What, he won't even embrace her?”, “Are they exactly dating? It looks like a meeting of business partners »,

- commented puzzled users of the Network. However, for such restrained behavior one can find an excuse: it was still not an ordinary red carpet, but an official event organized by Prince Albert II in defense of the World Ocean - Gala for the Global Ocean.

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But now we know that next to Orlando, Katie shines even more than usual: just look at her happy smile! "In fact ... she's a wonderful person.I was not well acquainted with her work when we met. I could not imagine that something would happen. And you just feel it. You do not choose whom you fall in love with. Now she is on tour, I play, everything develops. I respect her very much, and I have strong feelings for her. So let's see, "Bloom modestly told in the May interview with The Times. Yeah, "look", especially after the announcement of the engagement - it's strongly said!

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