Overview of the forms of modern sofas - features, advantages and disadvantages

Sofa - a place of relaxation and recreation. With the right choice, it can become a highlight of the interior, its main design detail. The material and decorative design of the upholstery, as well as the shape of the sofa, are important. The choice for each case is made depending on the size and shape of the room, as well as the style of the decor. What kind of upholstered furniture in Saratov is presented in stores?

• Straight sofas The main advantage of a straight sofa is its ability to turn into a comfortable bed. 1. Stationary sofas are not equipped with a transformation mechanism. They have a shallow depth of the seats. This reduces the comfort of the furniture. But this option is the most practical from the point of view of saving both finance when buying, and space in the room. 2. Transforming sofas with a high-quality folding mechanism are rebuilt into bed with a slight effort.A type of mechanical device is chosen taking into account the characteristics of the furniture in the room. According to the type of bed arrangement relative to the plane of the folded sofa, there are longitudinal and transverse (perpendicular) models. The longitudinal view is more comfortable for sleeping, as it does not have transverse seams. Perpendicular sofas when folded in shorter form, they take up less space. • Corner sofas Corner models in the folded state are designed for more people. At the same time, they most practical occupy the space of the room. Suitable for recreation areas in rooms not overloaded with furniture. Like straight, corner sofas are fixed and folding. Corner sofas that transform into a bed are relevant to studio apartments or rooms that unite a bedroom with a living room or a dining room. They allow you to effectively use the usable area, including near the window. Modular models are popular today. They come in 2 types. 1. Sofas with rigid joining of sections are assembled with the help of special fixing elements. To change the configuration is required to spend some amount of time and effort.They are not intended for frequent transformations. 2. Sofas consisting of independent modules can be converted many times. Changes are made by simply moving sections. Disadvantages of modular furniture: 1. The cost is higher by increasing the cost of upholstery. 2. It is convenient to use only in a fairly spacious room. • Island sofas Separately isolated group of island sofas. It is rather a designer than practical element of furniture. Island sofas are usually installed in the center of a spacious room with a corresponding entourage. Since the upholstery covers the entire surface of the structure, such models are more expensive.

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