Oyule - wick bulbs from Sergio Silva

In this article, you will learn how to doOyule - a kerosene lamp (lamp) from a conventional light bulbfrom Portuguese designer Sergio Silva and was conceived as an alternative to conventional lighting, but when handling such a lamp one has to be careful in spite of the fact that the light bulbs are held tight enough by the magnets and they are still easy to “knock down” if touched hard. The main differences between light bulbs from Sergio Silva, which are sold, and light bulbs made with your own hands - if you put a little more effort and creativity, then you can make them even more like the original or decorate them as you like more.

Materials and tools:

  1. kerosene;
  2. wick;
  3. 2 incandescent bulbs;
  4. wooden board (you can choose any size you want);
  5. black glossy paint
  6. epoxy glue;
  7. 12 neodymium magnets (8 small cylindrical, 2 large cylindrical, 2 round magnets).

Step 1

Take the light bulbs and analyze them, maybe the first time it will not work, but a little skill and you will succeed.

Warning:when working, be careful and wear gloves and goggles.

First, remove the piece of metal (is one of the contacts, the other is the cap with the thread), which is on the base and is surrounded by black glass - try to keep the black glass around the contact intact.

With the help of a clerical (construction) knife, we pry the edges of the base in the place of contact with the glass of the bulb. Separate the base from the glass part (it may be necessary to slightly "push through (break)" the glass that is inside the base).

Take a plinth and use a screwdriver to drive in and remove the glass that holds the filament.  

Step 2

Wick - you can buy at a hardware store or use cotton lace; the wick should be thick enough to absorb oil (kerosene). Depending on the thickness of the wick, it may be necessary to expand the hole in the base with the help of a needle file.

Step 3

In order to be able to add oil (kerosene) to the lamp, we will make it possible to remove the base from the bulb by attaching magnets to the base and the glass part of the bulb.

Take the base and, from the inside, opposite each other, glue 2 small magnets. We will also do with the glass part of the bulb - take it and glue 2 small magnets from the inside opposite of each other, glue as close as possible to the hole, so that when we put the base of magnets on the glass part, there will be no magnets.

Important:it is better to stick magnets on epoxy glue.

Now, when necessary, we can add butter (kerosene) to a sweetheart.

Step 4

We will make the base of the lamp from a wooden board (you can choose the size yourself, but it should be enough to fit the light bulbs).

Cut a square, using sandpaper to process the edges and surface of the base.Take a pencil and a watering can and divide the base into 4 equal squares, drawing straight lines from the middle of the sides. In the same way, we divide the 2 resulting squares, lying on one diagonal, thereby finding their middle - here and we will fix the magnets.

Take a drill and mark the length of the magnets on it so as not to be mistaken with the depth of the hole. Drill holes for magnets. &Nbsp;

Process the substrate with sandpaper. Stone a little glue into the holes and install magnets there.

Let's ground the base, wait until the soil dries; take the black paint and paint - paint in several thin layers, leave until the paint is completely dry. For greater protection of the base, you can paint it with a special varnish for furniture.

Step 5

We will extend the wick through the hole in the base, leaving a small piece of the wick outside, its internal length must be so that the wick lies at the bottom of the paw. Take the glass part of the bulb, put down a spherical magnet and pour oil (kerosene). Put the cap with the wick on the light bulb and install it on the base, on the places where the magnets are located.

Sergio Silva wick bulbis ready.

Thanks to the magnets, the inside of the bulb and on the base, the bulb will be held firmly enough on the base and at the same time the bulb can be tilted. Use a funnel to add oil (kerosene) to the bulb. Do not move the lamp in the lit state.

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