New Year's ball from old magazine

New Year's ball from the old magazine From old magazines and catalogs you can make a lot of interesting crafts. By the New Year they are made of garlands, balls and other decorations for the house or for the street. To make a ball.

Chrysanthemum Famicana Hair Clip

Hairpin from fariamin "Chrysanthemum" Summer is just around the corner, which means that the girls will soon have the same time when they can do their hair, weave braids or just create a romantic image by dismissing their hair. Neatly arranged curls look beautiful.

New Year's chocolate sponge cake

Christmas chocolate sponge cake Christmas chocolate sponge cake(8 servings) - a recipe for the dessert, which will be a wonderful decoration of the Christmas table. Ingredients: 8 eggs; 170 g of flour; 170 g of sugar; 35 g of cocoa powder; 200 g dark.

Christmas tree toy Santa Claus

Santa Claus Christmas Tree Some people buy toys for a pine or a Christmas tree, while others prefer to make their own hands. It is for such people that this master class will be useful. Today you will learn how to make a figure.

New life of the old computer disk

New life old computer disk 95% of the world's population have personal computers, and with them a lot of digital storage media. One of these devices is a computer disk, which, like any other thing, has its own life. Moreover, it is easy to.

Craft Paper for Cosmonautics Day

Paperwork for Cosmonautics Day What kind of paper can children take on paper for Cosmonautics Day? Perhaps it will take the form of a starry sky, space, a rocket, a flying saucer. And perhaps - the real cosmonaut in a shiny metal spacesuit. It.

Hot Glue Bracelet Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon Hot Glue Bracelet A regular glue gun with hot glue can be used not only for gluing various parts, but also for creating various crafts and ornaments. Do not believe? Let's make a bracelet of hot glue. Even a beginner can handle.

Cover the button with a cloth

Cover the button with a cloth We weave a button with a cloth- a very useful workshop for needlewomen, it will help if you need to give buttons the desired design. Materials and tools: button with leg; fabric; scissors; needle and thread; ruler; pen.

Simple Regulated Power Supply

Simple Regulated Power Supply When you collect an electronic home-made product, you need a power supply to test it. There is a wide variety of ready-made solutions on the market. Beautifully decorated, have many features. Also a lot of kit-kits for self-production. I'm not.

Happy Birthday greeting envelope

“Happy Birthday” greeting envelope Most often on birthdays we are used to giving money, especially if it's not just a birthday, but a round date, an anniversary. After all, it is rather difficult to guess the tastes of a person, if, for example, it.

Making your own ironing board

Making your own ironing board Ironing board greatly simplifies the process of ironing. To manage without this item in the household is difficult. Of course, you can buy an ironing board, but quality boards will be expensive. In addition, it is not always easy.

Leather jacket and dress - 5 fresh spring images 2014

Leather jacket and dress - 5 fresh 2014 spring looks Having in the wardrobe a short fitted jacket made of natural or artificial leather, you can create several images that will envy the inhabitants of red tracks and glossy covers. Of course, the very.

Lenten stuffed cabbage with rice

Lenten cabbage rolls with rice Lenten cabbage rolls with riceis a recipe. Ingredients: white cabbage 1 head of cabbage rice 250 gr; marinated champignons 400 gr; leek large 1 pc; carrots average 2 pieces; Olives 100g; mayonnaise fast 100 gr; salt to taste; seasoning.

Paper Flowers for Mother's Day

Flowers made of paper for Mother's Day Every woman is pleased to receive as a gift flowers made by the child’s hands - the embodiment of beauty and grace, a reflection of all the most beautiful things in the world. Particularly relevant is the.

DIY Cardboard Clock to School

DIY Cardboard Clock to School Lesson for children who already know the numbers and confidently consider. Now we learn to determine the time and even lay it out of the numbers on a special scoreboard. You can teach a child to determine the time.

Paracord flashlight handle braid

Paracord flashlight handle braid Paracord flashlight handle braidis a master class in which you will learn how to braid a flashlight handle with a Paracord cord. Thanks to the braid, the flashlight will lie more tightly in your hand and can be fastened to.

Key on a field-effect transistor

Key to the field effect transistor Perhaps even a distant person from electronics heard that there is such an element as a relay. The simplest electromagnetic relay contains an electromagnet, when a voltage is applied to which the other two contacts close. With the.

Folder for marriage certificate

Marriage Certificate Folder The long-awaited and very responsible event in the life of each couple is, of course, their wedding. Basically, the preparation for the wedding lasts several months, so there is time to think through every detail to not miss anything. The wedding.

A paper model of a snowman Olaf from the MF Cold Heart

Paper model of the snowman Olaf from the m / f "Cold Heart" Paper model of the Olaf snowman from the m / f "Cold Heart". Materials and tools: scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler tweezers; glue brushes and paint; watercolors (or pencils), toothpicks; clear.

Veal in wine sauce - cooked in Italian cuisine

Veal in wine sauce - we cook in Italian cuisine It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t like Italian dishes: light and nourishing, elegant and simple, and besides, they are extremely tasty. In a country where culinary excellence is so highly developed, they are.

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