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About site Our website "Paper Crafts" "Sitemap" can be found on the page. Copyright! Text is 100% custom made! It was written from any source. Video is taken from YouTube. It’s not a problem. Therefore, only new modified images appear on the site. If.

Thief Mice

Thief Mice Ordinary people throw out cork corks from under the bottles of wine or champagne, and needlewomen with imagination use this pliable material to create original handicrafts. What only creative girls don't think up, but the top of originality is animal figures. Today.

Honey Cake

Cake "Medovik" Honey cakeis a step by step recipe. Ingredients: 420-450 g of flour; 3 eggs; 75 g butter; 320 g of sugar; 2 tbsp. l. flower honey; 2 tbsp. l. cognac or vodka; 1 tsp. soda; 1 kg of fat sour cream; 3.

Home slippers, knitting socks

Home slippers knitting socks Home slippers, socks- a master class in knitting, knitting from yarn beautiful and very comfortable slippers from yarn that will warm your legs and will definitely like others. Materials and tools: knitting needles; yarn. Knitting description Gather 7 loops and.

Magic portal to other cities. Unusual online advertising

Magic portal to other cities. Unusual online advertising Many people remember the amazing device from the movie “Guest from the Future”, which instantly moved travelers to the right place. They tried to install something like this in the center of Paris. Unfortunately, the "Magic.

Bead Curtain and Shade

Bead Curtain and Shade Hello, dear visitors. You can make many different beautiful and interesting things with your own hands from beads and threads, for example, curtains for a door or window aperture and a lampshade (chandelier) for decorating a lamp in a room.

Paper Gift Envelope

Paper Gift Envelope Not sure how to present an invitation card for a birthday, party or dinner? Do you need packaging for a small gift? Make an original envelope with your own hands, spending only 15 minutes. At first it is better to practice.

Bloat fish at home

Bloat fish at home Bury fish at home and you no longer want to buy such a product in the store. If you use the tips of this article, then as a result you will get the most delicate fish, saturated with the aroma.

How to arrange the refrigerator in the kitchen

How to arrange the refrigerator in the kitchen? Many very often wondered about the correct location of such household appliances as the Bosh refrigerator. It was very difficult for the owners of small apartments to tackle this issue, in which it is difficult not.

Spring-summer 2013 trends in shoes

2013 Spring-Summer trends in shoes So the long-awaited time has come to take off your winter shoes and wear fashionable and stylish ankle boots, loafers, and a little later - sandals and sandals. They will be popular this season. What colors and styles are.

Postcard Eternal Flame. Handy for May 9 Victory Day

Postcard Eternal Flame. Handy for May 9 Victory Day The solemn, permeated with pride for the feats of our people, the spring holiday, May 9, is imperceptibly approaching. Do not forget to congratulate your loved ones, and especially your familiar veterans. Invite the child.

What are cold calls and why are they needed?

What are cold calls and why are they needed? In the field of telephone sales there is such a thing as “cold calls”. What does it mean? This is calling potential customers to sell them any product or service. The main feature of this.

The paper model WALL-E (WALL-E) from mf WALL-E

Paper model WALL-E (WALL-E) from the m / f "WALL-E" Paper model WALL-E (WALL-E) from the m / f "WALL-I"- (Universal Landscaping Annihilator Light - Intellectual; English WALL-E) - BNL robots, one of which found its true purpose, the original color is light yellow.

Envelope for money

Envelope for money If any celebration is planned in your life, and you are invited, then the natural question pops up by itself - what to give? You can puzzle for a long time, going through a lot of ideas for a gift, but.

Device for testing any transistors

Device for testing any transistors This is another article dedicated to the novice radio fan. Testing the transistors is probably the most important thing, since it is a non-working transistor that causes the entire circuit to fail. Most often, novice electronics lovers have problems.

Colorful aprons from what is on hand

Colorful aprons from what is on hand An apron is necessary for every hostess. Not only does it protect home clothes from stains and drops, it can be used to tune in to cooking. There are many styles of useful kitchen accessory, choose the.

Foamirante bow

Foamiran bow Foamiran is an excellent material not only for creating toys and flowers, but also brooches and pins for little ladies. The charm of the material is that the accessories can be wiped or even washed, it does not crumple, does not lose.

Elastic Bracelet Heart Ace

Bracelet with elastic band "Heartsace" Required materials and tools: polymer clay (white, black and red), salt, elastomeric thread (or spandex), toothpicks, “Heart Ace” suspension bracket, copper, holder for suspension, metal ring, round pliers, glue-moment. 1. Blind black, white and red plastic in an equal.

School uniforms from around the world: their style, their traditions

School uniforms from around the world: their style, their traditions Do you know how schoolchildren dress in other countries? How the current schoolchildren of the former huge country are dressed and what is the attitude to this school uniform now, we already know firsthand.

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