How to shape pepper

How to shape the pepper? Stage One - Removal of the Crown Bud Until a certain point, the pepper grows in one stem, but when it reaches a height of 15-20 cm (depending on the variety), it begins to fork, forming several branches. At.

White crochet skirt

White crochet skirt White crochet skirt- we crochet a lightweight beach skirt with a net pattern. The master class is simple and does not require much time. Materials and tools: cotton / acrylic 50g / 125m - 3 skeins of white color; hook No.

Plasticine painting

Plasticine painting Pictures in the technique of "plasticine painting" amaze the imagination. A manufacturing technology is so elementary that it can handle even a child of preschool age. Smears on the base are created by pulling a plasticine piece or ball with a finger.

Halloween Snowflake

Halloween Snowflake We fold and cut outSnowflake-gossamerfrom a sheet of paper to decorate the Halloween house and create the right atmosphere even more. As well as the process is simple and fascinating and is perfect for child-friendly activities. Materials and tools: black paper scissors;.

Hardcover photobook

Hardcover photobook Nowadays it has become very fashionable to have a photo book in the home archive instead of the usual photo albums. On the one hand, it is much more convenient, because you do not need to spend time on selecting photographs, printing.

A garland of hearts

A garland of hearts A garland of heartsis a paper garland, for example, to decorate a house for Valentine's Day or for creativity with children. Materials and tools: colored paper; scissors; glue. Step 1 Cut out of paper many multi-colored big hearts. What should.

How to store tulips

How to store tulips? Leonid Veselov July 15, 2011 28471 Flowers are a true wonder of nature. Such bright and fragrant, they make people's hearts fill with kindness and tenderness. Cutting off a couple of three colors, so you want to keep them in.

Best makeup remover

Best makeup remover Make-up removal at the end of the day is a must-have procedure. And that it was harmless to the skin, pleasant and useful, it is important to choose the right tool. Learn how to choose it. Species First, consider the types.

Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding Banana Puddingis a recipe. Pudding is a terrific dessert from the United States, consisting of pudding, cookies and bananas. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of milk; 70 g sugar; 1 tbsp flour; 2 tsp. starch; pinch of vanilla; 2 yolks; 14 cookies; 2 bananas.

A soft toy without a pattern

Soft toy without a pattern The history of sewing toys, including soft ones, begins long before our era. Toys from which they just did not do: wooden, animal bones, porcelain, clay, rags, etc. In those days, toys were expensive and almost inaccessible pleasure for.

A simple and fast way to make a gift box

A simple and fast way to make a gift box In this article, you will learn how to make aGift box made of cardboard (thick paper)with your own hands. Such gift wrapping can be made for any gift and for any occasion and be.

An easy way to paint a bump

A simple way to paint a bump A simple and fast way topaint a bump in the desired color. In the future, colored cones can be used to make colored garlands of cones or Christmas tree decorations, as well as to decorate a house.

A mini bar that is always at hand

A mini bar that is always at hand Funny, and most importantly - a useful homemade. Nothing interferes anywhere. Guests came or wanted to skip a glass of aperitif before dinner - click on the button and everything will appear! You have a lifting.

Advantages of porcelain

Advantages of porcelain In recent years, such materials as porcelain stoneware have taken a strong position on the market of finishing materials. is an analogue of ceramic tiles, which you can buy at theOselyaBudshop. However, due to its qualities during operation, it significantly exceeds.

12 simple tricks on hair styling that will help every girl

12 simple tricks on hair styling that will help every girl It is quite difficult to make a beautiful styling every day, because it takes time. Many fashionable women resort to salon services where professionals can create incredibly stylish styling, but going to the.

Anvil from a piece of rail

Anvil from a piece of rail One of the necessary attributes of a home master is a small anvil. It is useful to anyone who loves to do everything on their own: often you need to level some piece of iron, which requires a.

Baked pepper for the winter

Baked pepper for the winter Baked pepper for the winter Photo: Elena Moskalenko Ingredients Sweet pepper1 kg1 tbsp.Sugar2 tbsp.VinegarGarlic1 headSweet Pepper tasteMustard beans2 tbsp.Sunflower oil50 milliliters Flow temperature:Chilled Dish Processing Type:Pickling Kitchen:Italian Cuisine of ancient Hungary and Italy onWoman's Day. These countries have taught.

Abutilon: care and reproduction

Abutilon: care and reproduction In order for the plant to grow well and stably bloom, it is necessary to properly care for it. The lighting should be bright, but diffused. If there is a lack of light, the plant will bloom badly. The temperature.

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