Stylist tips: how to look fashionable at school

Stylist tips: how to look fashionable at school It's time to prepare for the school year. The main rules for choosing clothes are convenience and elegance. Junior classes Faberlic, 549 rub. Photo: press service H M Kids, 999 rub. Photo: press service Lady Collection.

Application City

City Application The application "City" made of colored paper will be a worthy adornment of any training class and any room in the apartment. Even the smallest child will be able to cope with its production, if you help him overcome some difficulties. Application.

Mount the fence from the metal profile

We mount a fence made of metal After purchasing a country house, a plan was made for its reconstruction, the first point of which was to install a new fence. The old fence with a wicket and gate was wooden and lopsided - it.

Blue stones as decoration

Blue stones as decoration Instruction There is a mass of tones of blue. Each one is a unique shade. Blue stones are inspiring and striking in their beauty. Earrings made with blue stones, perfectly fit to the blue eyes, while giving the image of.

Male bloggers who should subscribe to Instagram

Male bloggers who should subscribe to Instagram Do you think blogging, spreading bows is a purely female prerogative? And no! Young dandies confidently build a career as a fashion guru, collect an incredible number of likes for their biting posts and in every possible.

Which is better: shower or bath

Which is better: shower or bath A shower and a bath are equally popular, and in a large room, nothing prevents you from installing them together. But if space is limited, then sometimes the question arises, what is better to install. Both types of.

Emerald High Neck Sweater

Emerald high neck sweater Knit with a stylishemerald high-necked sweater. Materials and tools: Threads (100% cashmere) (115m / 25gr) 300/325/350/375 gr = 12/13/14/15 balls of oil color needles number 3.5 and number 4; short circular needles number 3.5. Pattern Description Pattern I:needles number 3.5.

Crochet openwork pattern

Crochet openwork pattern Type 43 air loops (VP) - 2 * 18 for rapport, 7 for symmetry and 3 for lifting (P). First row: in the fourth loop of the base, tie a column with a crochet (CH). Pass 2 loops, and through the.

We decorate the passport cover

We decorate the passport cover Materials: - passport cover; - acrylic paints and varnish; - decoupage card; - artistic brushes and sponges; - alcohol-containing composition; - masking tape;- shellac varnish (you can take the first step of the two-component craquelure), - concomitant: bowl with.

7 Best Luster for the Eyes

7 Best Luster for the Eyes At fashion shows, instagram accounts of beauty bloggers and famous makeup artists have firmly established a new trend - wet eye makeup. Despite the fact that he is far from being everyone and often gives his eyes soreness.

Little Origami Dragon

Little Origami Dragon MakingLittle Dragon using origami technique. It turns out that such a small and very cute Chinese dragon, which can be used in a puppet theater production, or they can decorate a house, for example, for a holiday or a nursery. The.

Butterfly chair in the interior. TOP 28

Chair butterfly in the interior. TOP 28 Decor, Workshop, Furniture, Interior Today we want to share with you the story of another subject that persistently does not leave modern interiors, this isbutterfly chair. The chair itself was designed in 1938 by designers from AgrentinaJorge.

How to make a good party advertising

How to make a good party advertising? The owner of a new entertainment venue must definitely think about effective advertising. In order for your parties and events to attract more potential customers, they need to be interested. To do this, you can use already.

The use of meat and bone meal

The use of meat and bone meal In the diet of animals, in addition to basic food, various additives are introduced. One of them is meat and bone meal. Find out what it is and how it is used. What is meat and bone.

How to paint a t-shirt with your own hands

How to paint a t-shirt with your own hands Crafts, For Friends, Beauty, For Favorite, Gifts, For Men, For Women, Workshop I really like this trend. It can be used on dresses, shorts, shirts ... almost everywhere! And it became sensational for spring and.

Lamb with prunes in beer sauce

Lamb with prunes in beer sauce You will need - lamb pulp 900 g; - bacon 100 g; - port 100 ml; - dark beer 1 l; - celery 2 pcs .; - butter 30 g; - Balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp. a spoon;.

Furniture hinges

Furniture hinges In order for the furniture not only to look spectacular, but also last more than one decade, it is extremely important to use high-quality and reliable fasteners. Extremely important role in achieving this goal is played by hinges for furniture - functional.

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